Ancient Egypt and PE

We are into our third week of Ancient Egypt at our co-op.  Last week we talked about how important The Nile River was to the people who lived there and how they used the river to help sustain their life.  One of the things the Egyptian people created to help them water their land was the Shaduf.  The children in my class were instructed to build a Shaduf, in anyway they can.  They could use whatever materials they wanted, but it had to work like Shaduf and they were to bring it in to share with the class. 

My dd#2 came up with the idea of using her dad’s Erector Set and dd#3 came up with the idea of using a medicine cup for the watering bucket.  Both girls started working on it, but after an hour they couldn’t get it it work properly, so… the dad steps in and adjusted a few things.  For the weights, they used marbles. LOL The three of them together made this.


The girls were so proud. LOL The little ball of paper represents the water. One daughter swung the Shaduf around, while the other scooped up the water and dumped it out. It was a great success!

In PE they kicked around colored playground balls.


10 responses to “Ancient Egypt and PE

  1. Your girls’ shaduf is really nice!! Great job!! =)

  2. The shaduf looks great!! 😀 It looks like everyone is having so much fun! <3:o)

    Heathers last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 😀

  3. WAY cool!


    RazorFamilyFarms.coms last blog post..A “Favorite Things” Giveaway!!

  4. That is cool that dad let them use his erector set to make this project. Glad they all got it to work.

  5. You made a shaduf! That is so cool. I keep trying to get my boys interested in Erector stuff, but they’re content w/Legos. I should be happy.

    Sheris last blog post..9/11/01

  6. Whoa! Dude! Are you, like, the coolest Mom Ever?! I think the answer is a resounding “yes!”.

    Where oh where did you get those nifty playground balls? At a homeschooling store? I’ll have to look at one next time I am at one if you did. 🙂

    Have a wonderful Friday, hugs, Robin

  7. Very cool! Thank goodness I am not a student in your co-op, because your girls would put me to shame. Great job!

    Melanies last blog post..Eagle River Nature Center; Eagle River, AK

  8. this is great! I had to laugh a bit because a nearby family and I arranged our own family co-op’s this year… she’s teaching phsy. ed and I’m teaching Ancient Egypt! Yesterday we learned about the Nile and on the past Tuesday she took them Spelunking (cave visiting??, but going in caves anyways!)… not quite kicking balls, but physical activity!

    I’ve been using the Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt and Remembering God’s Awesome Acts to kind of order my Ancient Egypt ‘class’ but I have a load of extra materials and such not to go with this. Since I have 4 boys and 1 girl, we might move fast or slow through this stuff. If we move fast we thought we’d move on to the next dominant culture… and as they said yesterday, end up with the Greeks and Romans! lol!

    Hey Birdie! I am not really going in any kind of order. I am going by what interest the class. LOL I do have the Greenleaf Guide also, and I am using some of that. I just keep stressing the fact that there is only ONE GOD. 🙂 Funny…our next study is Ancient Greece. I am using the Teachers Created Materials, pocket books things.

  9. Very neat!! My girls enjoy building things with their Dad too. Sounds like school is going great for all of you.

  10. Great Job Girls!!!!!!! Applie, you are the best teacher!!!

    MichielleRoses last blog post..Simple Woman’s Daybook

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