Woodruff, Wisconsin

More from our vacation this past July.

We always drive through the very small town of Woodruff, Wisconsin, on our way up north.  I really enjoy driving through it, but was never interested in stopping by, until this year. On every light post was a little green sign that said, “Home of the World’s Largest Penny”.    I thought I had to see that!  It would be like seeing the great ball of string, or the giant Goose house, or the giant orange building, or other odd structures in the USA.   My plan was to stop by on the way back home.

I found out later the penny was made of wood.  My bubble was busted.  *sniff*  What good is having the world’s largest penny, if it was only made of wood? *sniff*.   I didn’t want to see it.

On the way back, we just happened to drive by the museum about the World’s Largest Penny. 


Since we were so close, we might as well find out what it really is. It is made of wood and painted the color of a penny, but the story behind the penny is awesome!


Back in 1953 a Dr. Kate Pelham wanted to build a hospital, but the funds ran out and the hospital was not completed.  Local school children wanted to see a million of something, so they started collecting pennies to help build the hospital.  Pennies from all over came pouring in and the total pennies received was 1.7 million and the hospital was built.

While we were in front of the penny, we noticed people still leave pennies there.  Isn’t that sweet?

Updated to add:   This World’s Largest Penny monument was donated by the 1969 8th grade class.  The date of on the penny is 1953, the year the it all started. 🙂

6 responses to “Woodruff, Wisconsin

  1. That is an awesome story!! Cool penny too!

    Kaths last blog post..Blessings…..

  2. I love that story!! =) I like how the giant penny is set up like a monument. It looks nice.

    That is exactly what it is. I should have mentioned that in the post. I’ll go back and do that.

  3. Now that is just really cool! I’m glad you shared this. 😀

    If I could smoosh Tennessee and Wisconsin together I’d be one happy camper. 😆 I’d live there, too. Was it as pretty as I’ve seen in pictures? I don’t remember much when I saw it briefly several years ago.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  4. How neat is that !!!

    I wonder what they use the pennies for now?

    They are still used for whatever the hospital needs. 🙂

    Elaines last blog post..Twosey Tuesday

  5. Neat history lesson. Love the big penny.

  6. Great story, and cool monument! I love seeing “the world’s largest” anything. 🙂

    Melanies last blog post..Eagle River Nature Center; Eagle River, AK

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