A night time routine

Every night the husband wears a T-shirt with a pocket on it, to bed and every night the two peas (dd#2 & dd#3) dig in his pocket and asks, “What’s in the pocket!?”.

Tonight was no exception.  Dd#2 started digging in the pocket.

“What’s in the pocket?  What’s in the pocket!?”

Dd#3, while bouncing on her bed, “I could be something delicious, or nutritious, or extra crispy!”

   I don’t know where she gets it.




3 responses to “A night time routine

  1. So……

    What was in the pocket?

    You’re not going to leave us in the dark again are you???

    Nothing. The kids just like to dig in the pocket, because they are weird. It’s their father’s DNA.

    Elaines last blog post..Homeschool Memoirs #6, Summer Photo Essay

  2. That is too cute!

    Kellis last blog post..Show and Tell Friday!

  3. Very cute and I think they also have your dna as well.

    MichielleRoses last blog post..A Gift

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