The Black River


The Black River runs about 30 miles from its origin in Wisconsin to where it flows into Lake Superior.


As the river flows over rock it wears away the bed rock at a slow continuous pace. This has caused many beautiful rapids and waterfall.


On the way to the river, there are lots of available rocks for collecting. The only problem is, where are they going to be stored?


While hiking around the river, we noticed there are several low places. Low enough for us to climb on the bedrock and toss rocks into the river.


There is even places for little girls to torment tadpoles. This place has been named “Pole Pond” by the girls. I have a feeling the tadpoles have learned their lesson and will never ever return to that place. I am sure they are thankful that we did not have a jar to put them in. I am thankful my youngest didn’t suggest using her pocket.


I think Wisconcin/Michigan area is one of the most beautiful places God created. 🙂



10 responses to “The Black River

  1. That looks like fun! :mrgreen:

  2. Beautiful. Black River is very appropiately named.

    Tadpoles in her pockets? Are you sure she didnt try to stuff them full?

    LOL not with tadpoles. Wait until you see what she did with the rocks.

    Kaths last blog post..On The Run…….

  3. Gorgeous! I bet the tadpoles are glad you left. LOL

    Melanies last blog post..Cookies and a Bookmark and a Curious Absence of Pictures

  4. Great photos.
    I’ve only seen a small part of south eastern Wisconsin and a small part of Michigan but they both seemed very nice to me.

    Personally I’m very fond of places that have mountains in them. 😉

    Elaines last blog post..Proverbs 31 Bible Study Part 3

  5. I love rivers, especially the clear ones you can see the rocks at the bottom.

    peggyanns last blog post..On going education….

  6. Beautiful. It looks like your kiddos really enjoyed themselves.
    I loved the waterfall shot.

  7. Love the pictures! You are quite the photographer!!


    RazorFamilyFarms.coms last blog post..TUSCAN CHICKEN CAVATAPPI

  8. Wow! Those are gorgeous pictures. That really looks like my kind of day. I suppose Wisconsin/Michigan can be ONE of the most beautiful places, but I have the other one. 🙂

    Tressas last blog post..Black Widow in my grapes

  9. Never enough places for rocks and tadpoles! Beautiful pictures.

  10. so pretty, thank you for sharing with us. I agree the kids seemed to have had a wonderful time.

    MichielleRoses last blog post..Hi

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