And the winner is…

but first a word from our sponsers. . .

Oh, I don’t have any sponsers.  Ok, back to the drawing for the Neck Warmer.

Dd#3 was the most requested child to pick the name.  I was going to overthrow that decision because 1.  she picked the last time and 2. this is my blog and I can do what I want.  However; we all woke up very tired and I forgot what I was doing. 

First I typed everyone’s names on a piece of paper, cut them out, folded them all nice and neat and placed them in my teapot.  I like tea and from now on all names will be picked from THE TEAPOT.


Then Dd#3 swished all the names around and around.


And the winner is…


Yeah Erin!! Email me your address today and I’ll mail you this fabulous prize tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for participating. There may be another contest lurking in the future or maybe not.


9 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Congratulations Erin!!

    I love you teapot, Applie!

    Sheris last blog post..Every home should have one…

  2. Congrats to Erin!

    Kaths last blog post..Give Me A Number…….

  3. I drink tea when I’m sick, which has been for a week now. I think I’ll do a post on my teapot collection. When I get a new camera.

    Way to go Erin — winning prizes is fun. Applie is going to wrap it up real pretty now. Right Juicie?

    uhh…I’m not known for pretty packages. LOL

    peggyanns last blog post..More ! Sewing ! Finished !

  4. Congratulations Erin!!! I’m sure you will enjoy it immensely.

    MichielleRoses last blog post..Do I look like a criminal?

  5. Well, shoot.

    Oh. I mean, congratulations, Erin!! LOL

    Melanies last blog post..Nutters

  6. congrats erin! (lol, at first i had not seen the read more link and thought you left it with the …and the winner is comment!)

    OH, I am sorry! That is funny though. LOL

    Turtles last blog post..a great weekend and hallows eve question

  7. Congratulations, Erin!

  8. You’ve been tagged!

    Ok, I’ll see what it is. Maybe it’ll give me something to write about.

    Kaths last blog post..I’ve Been Tagged…..

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