Six quirky things about me…

I have been tagged by Kath to list six quirky things about me.  This is very hard for me, as most of you know, I am a normal person.  I am not quirky; so to help out Kath I am going to make these things up.  Yeah, that’s my story.

  1. I have a mummified chicken in the school room.
  2. If a dinner plate has a pattern on it, the pattern must be in the right position when placing the plate on the table.
  3. At stores that sell empty boxes like jewelry boxes, or tin boxes, or whatever boxes, I have to open each and every one.  They are all empty, but I have to open them anyway.
  4. I have a Green Tree Frog Webkinz named Albert.
  5. I can’t sit still.  If I am not doing something with my hand, I’ll shake my foot back and forth. Drove the husband nutty at church on Sunday. 😀
  6. I take pictures of dead frogs and bugs.

There I said it.  Now I want six of my so called friend to do this quirky thing. 😀


5 responses to “Six quirky things about me…

  1. Thanks for playing along. I enjoyed reading about your quirks even tho you have none.

    Boy it must take awhile for you to shop if you open each box. What may I ask are you hoping to find?

    Kaths last blog post..I’ve Been Tagged…..

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  3. OK, I’ve proved my friendship and did this. Wonder if any of the others will as well.

    It was hard for me to do though I’m sure if the kids had been awake they would have been very happy to help me. 🙄

    Elaines last blog post..6 Quirky Things About Me

  4. Since I do consider Applie a friend, here’s my list…..
    An Abundance of Quirkiness


    Christian Homekeepers last blog post..An Abumdance of Quirkiness

  5. Hello Mizz Applie! :mrgreen: #2 & #5 are true for me as well.

    Doesn’t everybody have a mummified chicken their school room? Only the coolest people do, you know.

    I hope that your weekend was wonderful! 😀

    Robins last blog post..The Road Not Taken

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