The Boathouse, picture heavy.

One of the first places we like to check out when get to the cabin, is the boathouse. It is built on the water. You can no longer build a boat house or a house anywhere near the lakes edge. Since the boathouse was there well before that law was inforced, it stays. If it ever falls down, we can not rebuild it.

The boathouse has two floors. The top/roof has several lounge chairs and a nifty screened in room. This room has served many picnics over the years. Food always taste better served there. This last time, we didn’t eat out there. Our trip was too short. One night I was out there by myself and I heard this low rumbling sound. It slowly got louder and I thought it was a motor. I turned to walk back to the house to ask if there was something running in the boathouse. I looked up and a solid black cloud was desending on me. It was mosquitoes! I ran to the house and told Sir Husband who didn’t believe me. The next night I took him out there. We came running back to tell everyone else. Sir Husband finally believed me. LOL


Every time we go there, we have to take a trip to Pin Cushion Island for a picnic and every year we take this same photo, below. It is just something we do.


The above picture was taken while we are on our way to Pin Cushion Island. This island was once owned by the woman who built the cabin and roads. She actually owned much of the land around the lake. Most was given to the government in her Will. The island below, is part of it and you can only camp there for one night only. I have never camped there, but we always go for picnics there.


Down below inside the boathouse are two places for boats and lots of storage space. All the canoes, fishing equipment, whatever had to do with water was there. Including my kids. They lived here.



The kids loved to fish. Never caught anything much off the dock, but that didn’t stop them.



If you look to the lower left of the above photo, you’ll see the outside dock is sinking.  The lake freezes solid up there and it does a lot of damage to the boathouse.  The family is trying everything to keep it floating.

We do get lots of visitors in the boathouse.  Visitors that like to stay warm.  I found this little big guy, a water spider, inside one of the boats.  I took some photos, but can’t quite get the upclose clear ones, that I like to get.  However; you can see the eyes on this one.  😀


I think it is a blessing to find these in your boathouse or home. 😀

8 responses to “The Boathouse, picture heavy.

  1. You would have to sneak in that very last picture.

    Oh, my eyes…my eyes!!!

    chocolatechics last blog post..October 31

  2. What an awesome boat house and area. Looks like something you would find in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes!

    Kristys last blog post..A Challenge

  3. A blessing indeed!

    Melanies last blog post..We Brake for Nature

  4. Love all the pictures right up to the spider. I would love to visit your vacation spot.

  5. Oh! That spider! My goodness! Creepy!!!!! Do you post those just to torture us???

    Torture you? Well, of course. Why else would I post them. 🙂

    RazorFamilyFarms.coms last blog post..Halloween Handwork

  6. So what is that creature on? It looks like some kind of fur or something.

    Looks like a great place to vacation.

    The water spider is on a rope inside the boat.

    Elaines last blog post..Twosey Tuesday, ecept it’s on Wednesday (Thurs. here) ~ October 30, 2008

  7. I like the shadows on the boathouse picture. Was that you and hubby? The kids look so cute fishing.

    Yes, that was me and Sir Husband. 🙂

  8. You are very blessed to have such a beautiful place to call your own. Well minus the spiders that is.

    Kaths last blog post..The Final Answer……

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