The incredible edible animal cell.

Updated:  I now have the Edible Cell Project and Certificates for sale on my Etsy.  Both have been updated. Seven certificates are now available.   Go to Appliejuice Etsy Store for more information.

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Sir Son was instructed to make a cell for Apologia Biology class.

The rules:

  1. Had to be made from candy.
  2. Had to be able to sit on the counter for up to five days and still be edible.
  3. Had to be accurate.
  4. Had to label parts or have a key.
  5. Could be a plant or an animal cell.
  6. Everyone had to eat it.

The ingredients Sir Son used:

  • Two different colors of fruit rollups.
  • Gum balls  (one)
  • Jelly beans  (three or four)
  • Tangerine
  • Two different sizes of spaghetti
  • Candy fruit slices
  • Red Twislers
  • Wheat berries
  • Clear jello
  • Yellow jello

First thing Sir Son did was make the yellow, outer membrane.  Then I had the job of cutting out the inner part. The inner parts were consumed by the sisters. Some of it is still on my windows in the kitchen. Don’t ask.


Next he poured a small layer of clear jello and let it firm up a little. Having the clear jello was no help at all. It looked yellow from the membrane. After that layer firmed up, Sir Son placed in the Mitochondira (candy fruit slices), one Lysosome (gumball), and Ribosomes (wheat berries). He did orginally use candy sprinkles for the Ribosomes, but they all disappeared and we just can’t go around without any Ribosomes, you know.  The colored spots on the bottom are the incredible disappearing Ribosomes.


Then more clear jello was added for the next layer.


The third layer has Lysosome (gum balls), Centriols (Twislers), Ribosomes (wheat berries), Vacuoles (jelly beans), Filaments (thin noodles), Microtubules (thick noodles), Golg (red fruit roll up), and ER (blue fruit roll up).



The ER also had Ribosomes (wheat berries) attached to it. The Nucleus (tangerine) as placed in before the final layer of jello was added.  Once all of this was done, a final layer of clear jello was added.


Sir Son got a low A for his grade, mainly because it was not completely made of candy. He also won the prize of

Most Accurate.


There were three other prizes the kids voted on.

The prettiest.


The most disgusting.


The Bravest. This young man took a bite of every one of the cells. There were 11 in all. All were very different.  He did not get a ribbon, but a prize from a goodie bag.  He picked a woopie cushion to be used during English class.  I don’t know if he actually did.


Now go forth and make yourself and incredible edible cell and maybe you’ll win a woppie cushion.

Chocolatechic’s foodie blog can not compare to this incredible edible animal cell. 🙂

Go to Awesome Cells for more incredible edible cells of 2009.

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33 responses to “The incredible edible animal cell.

  1. Good job Sir Son! 🙂

    Jessicas last blog post..Dog treat recipe…

  2. Your son is so cute.

    A lovely combination of the both of you.

    chocolatechics last blog post..November 6

  3. You did that up right! Congratulations! Nothing like munching in vacuoles and golgi bodies!

    Sheris last blog post..A Dork & Her Scarf

  4. Cool!!

    I like the most disgusting one…lol! It looks pretty gross 😛

    Heathers last blog post..My Little Snow White 🙂

  5. That is incredibly cool! :mrgreen:

    Robins last blog post..November 5, 2008

  6. Well done, Sir Son.
    Perhaps if you did the clear jello first and then the colored….no that wouldn’t work becuase you might not be able to see the other things. Don’t listen to me ….except the first part.

    Elaines last blog post..Homeschool Memoirs #12: Let’s Play A Game

  7. Congratulations – accuracy is the main thing! 😉 Fun project. I’m glad I didn’t have to do it, though. 😀

    Melanies last blog post..Six Random Facts and a Giveaway

  8. Oh wow! You got pictures of your son!!

    His cell model looks very nice! Congrats on the award, and like Melanie said “accuracy is the main thing!”

  9. Oh My Gosh I am blown away! I had forgotten some of those cell parts over time. If I had ever had to make them out of food products I’ll bet I wouldn’t have forgotten! Bravo, and what a wonderful idea for a wall calendar!

    Lynnies last blog post..Piggie Progress!

  10. Very cool! I love reading about your homeschooling projects! So creative!

    RazorFamilyFarms.coms last blog post..Irish Dexters, The 4-door Sedan Bovine

  11. That’s extreamly cool and really creative.
    I have to make a model of a cell too for Life Science.

  12. Wow actual pictures of Sir Son’s face!! I love this project. You are bringing back memories for me=) I think dd made a cake and used various candies for cell parts. She had to label them with little flags on toothpicks. We tried something else before that and it melted together and was really gross. I thought it was homemade gak but that wouldn’t be edible.

  13. Congrats to Sir Son for outstanding cell!

  14. thanks so much cuz im doing a project on the animal cell and it has to be edible and this is going to help me out so much

  15. Awesome job!!!!!!!

  16. Wait, I’m confused…this post is from 2008. Why did it show up in my reader? What are you doing over there on your blog???

    It was cool though. Sir Son looks very much like Sir Husband.

    • I added a “print friendly” button at the bottom of the page. I didn’t know you got updates when I updated a post. I’ll update a bunch more, so I can annoy you with all the messages to your reader. 😀 I’m nice like that.

  17. The ‘print friendly’ is a handy feature.
    Does your blog always post ‘so&so’s last blog post in their comment’? I never noticed that before.

  18. I was wondering the same thing as Kristy.
    I still think Sir Son’s was great even if I was not able to help make it better.

  19. Girldragon167

    I like this… We have to do something very similar to this project…but we can use whatever we want that’s edible… help with ideas? i want to make mine completly out of candy, i don’t want to use jello.

    • Some of the students have used cookie dough at the base and another student used a cake mix. I am not sure what else to suggest. Hope you are able to get just what you need for your cell.

      • Girldragon167

        i don’t exaclty know how to work the comments on your site. my bad. what i was trying to say was that my mom suggested we use chocolate cream pie. anyway thank you for the suggestions, i’ll keep them in mind

      • Chocolate Cream Pie sounds really good to me. The pie crust could be the cell wall.

  20. Girldragon167

    okay thank you. my mom suggested chocolate cream pie. maybe that will work as well. you never know. there are endless ways of making an edible cell. my cousin suggest that use paintballs because they are made out of edible materials.

  21. Girldragon167

    alright, do animal cells have cell walls or cell membranes? i’m not entirley sure which one it is.

  22. mikhaela cortez

    oh thanks for your post I actually now have an idea for our science project…………….cool

  23. tayanantownsend

    i loved this keep up the good work sir

  24. But what if it doesn’t have to be made of food?

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