The Queen

My son’s history class took a field trip to Orlando to see the Medieval Times.  Since Sir Husband will never take me, I decided I needed to tag along.  After all I am  royalty and I will feel right at home.  Let’s start with a photo to help you put things into perspective.

Here is the Queen and her royal son.


Now keep that image in your head.

The first thing we did was tour my the village. We got to see the Blacksmith. Remind me to make him work harder. I can tell he is faking it here.


Below is a raincoat. I like to have all my subjects dressed appropriately for the weather. Nothing but the best for those peasants. 


Next we see the place where all the clothing are made. All equipment you see in these buildings are authentic. This woman said, since they were the first to open a Medieval Times, they were able to get at the equipment first. 🙂 This is an 800 year old loom.


Now this thing below was in the kitchen. Behind the sign that says “Do Not Touch” is a hole. Can anyone guess what this is?

Updated:  The above piece of furniture is a baby walker.  You put the baby in the hole and the wooden thing can slide back and forth while the baby walks.  Very modern if I do say so myself.  😀


The hall below is on the way to the torture chamber. Yes, I am Queen, but I didn’t know this was going on. It was very creepy. It surprises us that God didn’t just wipe out the human race.  Remember what I said above.  All this equipment is authentic.  These were actually used.  I only took a few photos in this area.


This is a Head Crusher. You can guess just how it is used. All of these torture equipment pieces were used to make you confess to crimes you didn’t commit or to convert to Cathlic. Once you converted to Cathlic, they killed you so you wouldn’t convert back to your heathen ways.


In case you can’t visualize how the Head Crusher, or any other torture equipment was used, They have pictures for you.


After we tour my the village, we take our seat inside the tournament area. We are seated in the RED section. WooHoo!



OH LOOK! The tournament is about to begin. Shhhhh, everyone! This is going to be good!!

12 responses to “The Queen

  1. We went to the Midevil Times Theater in Myrtle Beach. It was fabulous.

    chocolatechics last blog post..November 21

  2. Waaahh! The queen came to town and I missed her! Oh well, I’ll consider this my royal postcard. I can’t believe they crushed people’s heads. This is a really sad part of history.
    The show looks awesome. I think my youngest went to a birthday party there once but they just did the show.

  3. What fun for boys and girls. We went to one in southern california about 20 years ago, I had no idea what to expect.

    peggyanns last blog post..official colour du jour

  4. How fun! Well, the torture chamber is creepy!

    We went to a medieval show at the Excalibur in Las Vegas almost 20 years ago. It was fun.

    Beths last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  5. Fabtabulous photos, Applie! :mrgreen:

    We saw a show on the history channel on torture devices. They showed this one, along with the stretching tables and those awful pointed tall posts sticking up out of the ground that people were placed on top of, to slowly go through their whole bodies. The show was very interesting but made me really sad for all those people tortured as such.

    What a neat history class for you all! Have a fabulous weekend!

    Robins last blog post..Autumn Reflection

  6. Fun! I went to the Medieval Times in Los Angeles on a high school trip. I think I enjoyed myself; at least, I don’t remember being miserable there. Then again, I don’t really remember much of anything from high school.

  7. I want to go 😀

    I want to ride a horsey and poke people with the long pointy stick 😀

    Heathers last blog post..What American Accent Do You Have?

  8. Oh my, authentic torture tools. :-0 That would be a sad thing to see and think about.

    I don’t know what the table with the hole in it is. The piece with the hole looks like it either slides or flips up.

    Overall, it looks like an interesting day.

    Yes, it slides. Can you guess what it is now?

  9. Heh..I would have bolted through the torture section, too. Sick. And I have a relatively strong stomach, too.

    I’ve never been through a Medieval Times whatever place. Though I’ve gone through other re-enactment villages, which were cool. I wonder if they have any of them over here?? I’ve never heard of one. Hmm.

    muralimanohars last blog post..Got it…

  10. The Middle Ages were not the bright spot in world history but hopefully we all learn from that.

    I think that questionable piece could be for the unmentionable private place….you know, the little queen’s room =)

    Elaines last blog post..Friday ~ An Insight

  11. I believe the item with a hole in it, is a seat under which a chamber pot would be placed to collect one’s um…deposits.

  12. I wanted to go to Medieval Times when we were there. I was over ruled and we went to the Pirate one. It was OK. By the looks of your pictures the medieval one would have been much more fun.

    Tressas last blog post..Look Who Is Home…

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