Namaste Laguna Bag

When I travel, wait in a waiting room, or just sitting around doing absolutely nothing, I get really sleepy or bored or cranky or all the above. To keep me busy I started carrying canvas bags with me everywhere. These bags were filled with yarn for crochet or my embroidery. This kept my sanity and saved the lives of my family. A bored mother is a scary thing.

The canvas bags I used were always free. They advertised for things I have no idea what. I have one that has the company name on it and then it says “24-hour Emergency Response”. I guess I could call them in an emergency if I run out of yarn. Another one I have says “Chemistry Applications”. I guess there is some kind chemistry reaction when I touch yarn or embroidery. Then there are many others that I couldn’t even tell you what was on them.

One day I was gifted with some money. The first thing I decided to do was something about those canvas bags. I wanted to go out in style, even though I look like an old young lady crocheting, I wanted to do it in style. So…I purchased a Namaste Laguna Bag. I purchased it from my new BFF yarn shop, The Local Needle.  They like people who crochet. 🙂  I picked the Saddle color, because they don’t come in red. Shame; a real shame.


The bag is huge and has lots of pockets. There is a divider in the middle, so I can carry my yarn on one side and my purse belongings on the other side. Oooo, I don’t have to carry two bags anymore! I’ll just carry one suitcase.


There are several pockets on the inside, one zipper pocket on the back side and one flap pocket on the front.


Everything fits in there nicely. It is so new, I haven’t even used it yet. LOL

The only thing I don’t like about this bag is that if flops over when I sit it down. I have to continuously hold it up with one hand while I look inside with the other.


Being stylish comes with sacrifices. I can deal with that.

Being stylish did not last long.  This bag fell apart and started peeling.  I will not recommend this company to anyone.

10 responses to “Namaste Laguna Bag

  1. I like your bag 😀 It looks really roomy 😀

  2. Gorgeous bag.

    chocolatechics last blog post..December 4

  3. Very stylish!
    I carry those free bags too:) I have some from teacher day at office depot, some from music festivals and some with medical stuff I think a nurse friend of mine gave me years ago. You should see me with my purse, bag and cane:) It’s worth so worth the trouble to have my yarn with me though. I’ll have to look into being hip like you;)

  4. Very nice! I love leather handbags. Yours is very roomy, too. That is #1 in my book.

    Hey I left you an award on my blog, come check it out.


    Christian Homekeepers last blog post..Christmas Get To Know You

  5. Oh wow, that is a good looking bag!

    I think it flops over b/c you are not carrying enough yarn with you. lol

    I carry my stuff in the ole canvas freebie bags, too. I’d rather carry a basket, but my project can snag…maybe I ought to crochet a liner -eh?

    Anyway, beautiful bag. I’m glad you will be looking so stylish during your outings. 🙂

  6. you need a little drawstring bag or zipper pouch to keep your yarn fresh and unsnagged. hmmm I’ll see what I can do…a little pay it backwards this time.

    hehe, I am looking forward to it.

    peggyanns last blog post..Lovely couple making plans

  7. So where can I get such a wonderful bag as well?

    It does look great and very possibly worth every penny.

    You can order it through The Local Needle. I put the link in the post. She does mail. 🙂

  8. Oooo, the pictures were worth the wait! One of these days I make break down and get me a Namaste bag too…


    Gigis last blog post..Spoiled!

  9. I’m glad you like your Laguna! I have people walking by (non-knitters/crocheters) stop in to look at them. Namaste makes very stylish bags and yours will carry your projects and yarn with style.

    Best Regards,

    Thanks Joan. I am liking it so far. 🙂 They really need to come in red, though.

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