The White Elephant Gift

As our homeschool co-op ends for the Christmas break, the facilators are in much need of relaxation.  A party of decided upon, a White Elephant Party it would be.  This was my first year attending the White Elephant Party.  To remain in the good graces of the co-op, I decided to inquire about the gifts.  I was told it was to be something from the home or an inexpensive gift.  Something you wouldn’t be ashamed to have, something nice or silly.  

I decide to make my White Elephant Gift.  It was to be a silly one.  It took me a while to make it.  It kept getting longer and longer.  The kids began to ask, “Aren’t you done yet?”.  No, says I.  I finally finished an hour before the party.

I am ashamed to say, I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures of the party.  I am really bummed about it.   Before the gift exchange we had dinner.  Ohhh it was good!  I made the Pear and Pomegranate Salad.

Once dinner was over we sat around the tree; all 19 of us.  We were all anixous to start.  I got number 13 in the drawing, so it would be a while before I could pick a gift.   The first gift that was opened was a beautiful three bowl serving tray for Christmas.  The second gift was a gift certificate to the Melting Pot.  I’m starting to get really nervous.  The next two gifts were just as nice.  I’m think they’ll kick me out of the party for bringing such a stupid gift.  My good friend was next and she picked my gift.  She takes it out and unrolls it.


Everyone busts out laughing and I am sinking down into my chair. I was hoping no one would figure out who made this ugly hat. My friend pops it on her head and says she is going to wear it during her Christmas event. Then she takes it off and hides it.


This hat ended up being really, really long. It measures over 37 inches. LOL

A few more people’s numbers come up and guess what? That hat was taken from my friend. My eyes got big then. I was really surprised. This next woman wanted to wear it while camping. A few more people go and what happens, that hat is taken again, by a lady who wanted to wear it to a card game. By the end of the game, another lady (we call her the hat lady) took it and will be wearing it to co-op on Monday.


So this White Elephant gift became one of the gifts that were repeatedly stolen. Shocked me. I have a request to make one for the lady who wanted to wear it for camping. I’ll be doing that soon. I think I’ll add a bell to the end at the tassle.

11 responses to “The White Elephant Gift

  1. I am so glad that it was liked so well.


    chocolatechics last blog post..December 5

  2. I think it’s great! It’s cute because of it’s uniqueness. I’m glad that it was a hit!

    MNKristys last blog post..Christmas Ornaments

  3. I can see why everyone wanted it-its so cute!


  4. Of course it was a hit! I’d wear that all the time if – at least, I would if I were a hat person. 😉 I had the same thing happen to me once with a pack of three warsh rags – I made them as a joke, but there was a stampede on them.

    Warsh rags? LOL I would stampeded for them too. Still waiting on socks.

    Melanies last blog post..And the completely random winner is…

  5. People just naturally love you, Applie and want your handmade stuff!
    Uh, why do you have a head on your kitchen counter? lol

    That’s the only large clean spot in my home. The lighting is pretty good, so I take pictures there. The head is Lady Foam Head. She stays in my bedroom, until I need her for one and only job; model my hats. 😀 She once had an arrow stuck through her head, but I got so mad, Sir Husband took it out and fixed it. I should have taken a picture.

    Sheris last blog post..How do you latte?

  6. Very fun that your gift ended up being so fun and liked by all. Great job. The hat is great. And the model is beautiful!

    Beths last blog post..Happy Anniversary!

  7. Very cool. That is such a cute idea.

  8. I am not at all surprised that your gift was so coveted. I had a potpouri lamp that I made w/a crochet cover/top that must have gone through 4 pairs of hands before finding it’s final owner. Made me very happy that so many liked it.

    I’d wear such a hat during the winter if I had one. =)

    Ooo a potpouri lamp. Yep, I can see your stuff going around many times. You’re very talented at crochet. At our party, after three changing hands three times, the gift is frozen. 😀

    Elaines last blog post..Homeschool Memoirs #16: Candy, Candy, Candy

  9. Very cool scarf! I am not surprised that it was in demand. =)

  10. I mean hat. =p Very cool hat. =)

  11. Cool hat. Everybody wants a little fun in their life! 😀

    muralimanohars last blog post..Finally, summer…

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