A Radical Change

I have been drinking tea for many years, but it has only been in the past 15 years or so, that I use only loose teas, from my favorite supplier.  I like black tea with some sugar and once in a while with milk.  I like very few flavored teas, Black Current,  Dragon Pearl Jasmine, and a rose one from England that I can’t get anymore. 

If I run out of tea before Harney delivers, (shudder at the thought) I go to a local tea shop in the mall.  I walk in and say, “I want the strongest blackest tea you have.”  They look at me funny and tell me all about their flavored froo-froo teas.  Once I had another customer tell me how to mix the teas to get a dessert. I’m like huh?  I simply told them black will do and if I want dessert, I’ll eat it.  I left with Irish Breakfast, another fine tea. 🙂

I am telling you this because I am a changed woman.  I now drink black flavored tea all the time.  A special friend sent me a bag of dried spearmint.  Oh it smelled so good. 


 I brewed my favorite tea All-India Blend. Rated briskness***, body***, Aroma***. That means it is some goooooood black tea. Before brewing I added a touch of spearmint to the tea leaves. Oh my, it smelled good, but I knew I wouldn’t like it because I don’t drink flavored teas outside the list above. I took on taste and I am now hooked.

Every single cup of black tea needs the spearmint now. To save the spearmint, I hide it from Sir Husband. I wouldn’t want to run out, because he drank some you know.

Now I have to grow a spearmint plant or my friend will have to supply my needs.

Thanks Friend!!


7 responses to “A Radical Change

  1. I love mint tea.

    We love Harney and Sons tea. It is the best.

    chocolatechics last blog post..December 5

  2. I got you hooked, eh? LOL I feel so evil now 😈 and amused.

  3. When I drink tea, it is usually Irish Breakfast tea (in a tea bag — ssshhh).
    Good friend, you have there. 😉

    Sheris last blog post..Not Quite Homemade

  4. In a bag?!?!?!

    The sacrilege.

    Finally, something we agree on.

  5. I love spearmint tea even more than peppermint tea 😀

    I’ve never heard of Harney and Sons…I get mine from Adagio Teas 😀

    I bought a teapot from them. Can’t remember if I got tea also.

    Heathers last blog post..Getting to know me…

  6. I hate spearmint. And Irish Breakfast. I think your stash would be safe if I visited your house. :p

    muralimanohars last blog post..Finally, summer…

  7. Some nice friends are keeping the postal service in business seems like.

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