My youngest sister loves me.

Yesterday the postman delivered a huge package to my door.   It was from my sister.  We don’t exchange Christmas gifts, because I am poor, so I was surprised to get a box.  Of course I opened it. After all, if it was to be saved for Christmas, there would have been a DO NOT OPEN written all over it. 

My sisters and I have been through a lot over the years.  We use to make mud pies using real chicken eggs, until we got a rotten one.  We lived in a very cold house for a while and I would sneak in their room (they shared) and cover them up.  We did everything together.  We even smacked each other around, when we got mad.  We did normal sisterly stuff like that all the time.  Both my sisters love me the best, because I am the best sister.

The first thing I found in the box was four candy canes filled with M&Ms.  I thought they were for me, but since I have four children I quickly discovered they were not for me.  So, to be mean to my kids, I hid them until Christmas morning.  bwahahaha.

The next think was a tin can filled with homemade sugary goodness.  The kind that sends you into a sugar coma for days.  Sugared Pecans.  I won’t ask for the recipe, because I’ll make them and eat them and land in the hospital.      These are gone now.


One year my youngest sister was in love with Johnny Cash. She talked about him all the time. Because I knew how important friends were and I loved my sister, I gave her Johnny Cash’s phone number. She called him, or tried to. I am a good sister.

Next on the list, was a pair of dog ornaments. They are really cute! They are buds and I know if one wanted the phone number of a famous dog, the other would provide it. Sisterly love, can’t beat that!


The sister also sent dog treats and kid treats. I have to make the kid treats. I need to talk to my sister about that.


This is how I know she really loves me. The biggest thing in the box was for the whole family, but I took it as my own. It is the cutest snowman! It lights up and spins around and sings some stupid Christmas song about snow, because Christmas is all about snow in Florida. She had this gift for me for about two years and just now thought of sending it to me. Isn’t she great!


And the last thing, because she loves me the best was…

Peppermint Pig Poop!


Look CC! The package is in pink and red. The pig is red and the poop is pink. I just wanted you to know that.

My kids saw the pig poop and demanded to have a piece. I say things like “NO! You can’t have my poop”, “I might share my poop later”, and “That’s my poop and it tastes like peppermint”.

My family thinks I need help.  I don’t need help, I am normal.

Thanks sister!  I love you too!  Let me know if you need the phone number of Orlando Bloom and I’ll get it to you.  🙂

13 responses to “My youngest sister loves me.

  1. Pink poop.

    You are so NOT normal!

    chocolatechics last blog post..December 12

  2. That was very sweet…what a great package of fun stuff. I wish I had a sister. Darn, all I have is 3 brothers that don’t call, don’t email and definitely don’t send packages.

    MNKristys last blog post..Christmas Fudge

  3. Aw what a great Sis!!! Love the share the “poop”…lol Your as normal as they get, tell the family they are all wrong…lol
    Love the snowman, he is really cute!! We don’t get snow in vegas either 😦

  4. I don’t have a sister, just 3 sisters-in-law, as it was just me and my brother growing up. There are times when I wish I did have sisters, at least one, but then I remember what it was like at college living in the dorm and having a roommate for 2 years – always wanting to borrow my clothes, making noise when I was studying or sleeping, leaving the cleaning up to me, the list goes on.

    Now I have a hubby who lets me borrow his clothes and other stuff – his motto: “What’s mine is yours” but he’s not interested in my clothes (on me they’re great but that’s it) nor my other stuff though he does like my movies and music 😀

    Enjoy the poop!! Keep tormenting the kids.

    Elaines last blog post..Christmas Song Test

  5. That’s a really sweet sister you have Applie.

    Pig poop, eh? I had always heard that every part of a pig is usable. 😉

  6. What a wonderful sister you have.
    My older sis sends us stuff…but it is usually for the kids. Yous sis was very thoughtful to send you something exciting for you. The pig poop is quite humorous!

    Beths last blog post..Busy at church

  7. I think my favorite would be the sugared pecans, oh yes.!

    peggyanns last blog post..Christmas Ornament Exchange

  8. ..And your family would get along with mine really well, too. 😆

    muralimanohars last blog post..Wishes..

  9. Pink peppermint poop! How delightfully refreshing! Or is it refreshingly delightful?

    You have a sweet sister – may I borrow her next year? All I have is a brother who only remembers I exist when he wants me to watch his dog. LOL

    Melanies last blog post..Strawberry Ornament

  10. What a fun surprise! You have a very thoughtful sister. The puppy ornaments are so cute they look just like your pooches:)

  11. Oh my heck! Were did she find the peppermint pig poop? I would so love to be able to send that to my sister. Our Dad loved pigs and this would be a sweet reminder of his passion for pigs.

    I have no idea where she got it, but I think World Market carries it.

    Julie Beths last blog post..Pictures with Grandma

  12. The poop is hilarious-actually the whole post is sweet and funny too!

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