Bye-bye Gingerbread House 2009

Today was the day. The day we have waited for since we built the houses. It is the Disposal of Gingerbread House Day! WooHooo… Yeah!!!

This year produced some very last minute changes. Sir Husband was not able to obtain the ingredients needed for this years event. Apparently it is now off the market, because people have discovered certain chemical reactions occur when these ingredients are mixed. Hmmm….

Ok, so that doesn’t stop Sir Husband. He does what he does best and that is wing-it. We decide to try and launch it up into space. Well, not really space, but a few feet.

Here is Sir Husband hard at work.


And he steps back and KA—– nothing.



That’s fine. Some things fail the first time. Doesn’t me we should pack up and go away. Nope, it means try again with something different.


Here is Sir Husband hard at work, second time.


He steps back. Oh boy! this is going to be goooood!!

And KA—–nothing. No zip, no zap, no noodle, nothing.


Third time is always a blessing. Right? This time Sir Husband knows exactly what to do and it should be a really big show. He tells all the on-lookers to move back to the van.


Here is Sir Husband hard at work…again. He’s got a helper to make sure he does it right this time. LOL


This is so exciting. All of you are going to love it. Sir Husband runs back away from the gingerbread houses and…

KA-poof! Yep, that was it. See how the house on the left has been launched, oh let’s say 2 inches. WooHoo. Wasn’t that exciting?


Well, we sure hope you have enjoyed this years Gingerbread House event. If this wasn’t exciting enough for you, please tune in tomorrow night because we are going to try it again. We won’t let the Gingerbread House beat us. NO WAY!


11 responses to “Bye-bye Gingerbread House 2009

  1. Oh, my. I cannot wait to see what he tries next!

  2. LOL!! Can’t wait until tomorrow 😀

  3. That is too funny. Poor Sir Husband. I know that he won’t be discouraged. I’m sure that he will come up with something wonderful tomorrow. Your blog readers are counting on it! I’ll be back tomorrow to see the amazing results!

  4. Will gladly tune in tomorrow and feast my eyes on the spectacular launching of the GB House!

  5. I can’t wait to see tomorrow. I know he can do it. lol

  6. I can’t believe aren’t going to tell us what you were making your structional modification device with?? For shame. The public (me) has a right to know. (I’ve lived around adolescent and post adolescent boys a LOT…I have a working knowledge of how to make homemade structional modification devices. So it’s professional curiousity. Of course. :p )

    Per husband’s request, the above comment has been edited to change a word to protect the innocent. 😀

  7. I would have at least tried to stomp on it or something.

    Poor Husband…I think this is the first year that it has flopped.

  8. Oh I cant wait to see whats going to happen next……. 😉

    Poor Sir Husband! My Hubs can relate completely tho. His semi was gelled up for 3 weesk til it warmed up enough to thaw it out! What a gift it was to have it start on Christmas Day!

  9. I do feel bad for Sir Husband, to think that the main ingredient has been taken off the market due to people using it for inappropriate means. :/

    Our event went off without a hitch this year, no wind at all but man was it cold -25*+ out (before you ask that means it was probably between -25* and -30* F that day).

  10. Sorry your Gingerbread house destruction was such a dud event for you. I’m glad Sir Husband wasn’t defeated and will try again.

  11. You and the girls know how to construct sturdy well-built gingerbread homes.

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