Bye-bye Gingerbread House – Take Two

Since we were unable to get all the ingredients to have a really good show, we tried again with a lot less pizazz.

Here is Sir Husband placing vent holes in one of the houses.


And he tries to set the house on fire with a blow torch.


It doesn’t set on fire. Now all of you need to think about this. This is a kit from the store. God only knows how old it actually is. They (whoever they are) assure the gingerbread house is fresh, ready to build, and eat. Now, I ask you this. Would you want to eat something made from food parts, ok synthetic food parts, if it does not burn? I don’t think so. Something is so wrong there.


Ok, that was our fourth failure for this stupid house.  Below is a photo of Sir Husband adding some special fuild to help the house burn.


There we go! It is starting to burn. WooHoo!   Just look at that face. 


This is looking good. Not much flair, but still nice.


It burned for a good while. I had to go back in and work on dinner. Once it all burned down, Sir Husband called me back out. He put the fire out with the hose. Bye-Bye Gingerbread House.


If you think it was more exciting in person, just watch this.


13 responses to “Bye-bye Gingerbread House – Take Two

  1. Bravo!

    I agree…wouldn’t eat that stuff.

  2. I didn’t think you was suppose to eat them. lol.

    Great house fire there.

  3. Well, you’ve certainly had more exciting attempts in the past. I want you to know that you are mentioned in my List of 101 Things to do in 1001 days….see #36 – Make gingerbread houses with the boys and then on January 1st blow them up like Applie does!

  4. Hubby says: “Black powder is the way to go.”

    Glad it burned up nicely, heard some great crackling there on the video. What about the other house?

  5. Fire is a good destructive device. I’m glad Sir Husband accomplished his mission.

  6. I wouldn’t eat it either.

  7. You are too much! This posts are so fun. I showed hubby your tradition over the past few years. He was cracking up. Thanks for the laughs and for not giving up:)

  8. Cool! I love it!

    Happy New Year!


  9. easy entertainment huh?

  10. Excellent alternative!

  11. Yes, burning is good. not as exciting but good. I love the face picture.

  12. Wow it took a bit to get it to burn!

    Do people actually eat them? Yikes!

    Well, my kids wanted to eat it. eewww. We won’t let them. make homemade gingerbread cookies they have actually eat. LOL

  13. Anticlimactic, yet oddly satisfying. LOL

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