I’ve been challenged

Gigi over at Adventures in Crochet has challenged me with…

1) go to the 4th picture folder
2) go to the 4th picture in the folder
3) tell 4 things about that picture
4) tag 4 more people

So here it goes.


  1.  This was in March of 2008 and I just finished baking a batch of whole wheat cinnamon rolls.
  2. This is my DD#2 and she likes to eat what I bake.
  3. She is the only one of the children who will try everything I make in the kitchen.
  4. She’s addicted to sugar.  She takes after her Momma.  Her sibling sisters take after me too.

Now I will tagged four people.  You know who you are, so just go ahead and do this challenge.  😀

MNKristy  knew she was tagged!

Lisa knew she was tagged!

Sheri knew she was tagged!

I don’t know why, but Melanie thought she was tagged.  She’s popular in her own mind.

Peggy at Colour du jour, in the middle of all her sewing madness, figured out she was tagged.

Looks like I can’t count to four, since I now have five people who knew they were tagged.  😀

12 responses to “I’ve been challenged

  1. LOL I like that picture!

  2. So she takes after mama, huh?

    Guess that means you stuffed your face with some cinnamon rolls as well? 😀

    Great photo, sure glad I wasn’t one of those tagged. 🙄

    Um, well…. I might do that, but I am not going to post a picture. 😀

  3. I’m confused, where is the 4th picture folder, oh I get it. my picture folder on my hard drive. which computer?, or my external HD? LOL you pick

    Hmmm, let’s see. Use your external HD. 😀

  4. Great picture! Gotta love the enthusiasm of children.

    As to the sugar addiction, I must say that is something else we share (besides outstanding taste in fibery projects – grin).

  5. Hey Miss Applie! You’re so cute on your 3 readers that you said you have. You have about a hundred more than I do! 😆 Everyone likes Miss Applie. :mrgreen: You’re Fun Mom, Loving Wife, Super Blogger, Knifty Knitter and Fabulous Friend, all wrapped up in one!

    Yummy photo of you sweet daughter! Hugs, Robin

  6. love the photo and that reminds me I want some spelt cinnamon rolls.

  7. LOL, that is a great & yummy picture!

  8. What a picture! She is really enjoying that cinnamon roll:)
    I took the challenge.
    Of course you were talking to me right?

  9. …and now we know who else you tagged….well, almost.

  10. It was me, right? You tagged me? You know you tagged me. LOL

    I refuse to admit to anything I said or didn’t say. I won’t even admit to anything I have written down and signed. 😀

  11. I still can’t figured out how she tagged me, but I know she did because I asked her which picture file to look in.

    also, Robin. I am surprised that Applie didn’t correct your comment….she is a Crafty Crochet-er but not a Knifty Knitter. She will tell all that is doesn’t knit. But I bet she could and would out knit us all!

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