Along came an owl


Yesterday while the girls were playing with the neighborhood girls, dd#2 was sitting on a log pretending to fish.  She felt and heard a whoosh of wind and looked up.  An owl was passing just above head.  Close enough that she saw its talons.  The girls got so scared they threw all their toys in the garage and ran. 

After telling me the above story this is the conversation I had with them.

Dd#2 – Momma, did it want to eat me?

Me – no, owls don’t eat little girls. 

Dd#2 – How do you know?

Me – Owls are good animals and only eat mice and other small creatures.

Dd#2 –  Are you sure?  How do you know it didn’t want to eat me?

Me – Because you don’t look like a little grey mouse with a long tail.

Dd#3 – BUT MOMMA!!  When the owls fly way up in the sky and they see us, we look like tiny little mice to them!

Dd#2 – Are owls strong enough to carry a baby away?

We had a nice chat after that.  LOL


8 responses to “Along came an owl

  1. Sounds like it’s time for the owl pellet lab. They can really see what owls eat, then.

    It’s rare to see an owl like that…what a treat that was!!

    Yep, I told my girls, I wish I had seen that. 🙂

  2. I think that even your youngest is too big for the largest of owls to want to grab for a take out meal!!

    Don’t they trust you to tell them the truth? Surely you’ve never, ever insinuated that something might want to eat them for dinner…..Have you???

    Cute conversation, I’ve never had one like that with my kids.

    Honestly, I have never insinuated that anything would eat my children, other than watching out for bears and alligators. LOL

  3. LOL

    How COOL that your girls say an owl! I would love to have seen it, too. And taken a picture. lol

  4. The hazards of being the alligator hunter’s daughter.
    That is so cute.
    I still have an owl pellet kit on my bookshelf from 2005. I guess they keep?

  5. I would run from talons too. =) That is really something that the owl flew right over her and she felt the wing-whoosh. 😉

  6. That would make me run if I seen an owls talons!!!Then I would be in awe. Sorry it scared her tho!

  7. I LOVE it! Talks like those are what make my heart thrill that I am a parent. Okay… a lot of things make my heart thrill to being a parent.

    But anyway.

    $25 GIVEAWAY – three chances to win!!!!

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