Block A Month Crochet – January

Sheri came all the way to Florida, one day, and beat me up until I joined the 2009 Block A Month group at Ravelry.  I told her I had too many other things to do, but she wouldn’t hear it.  So, here is my first block for this group.  I crocheted it between breaks  from embroidery, which was perfect timing because I lost my 12″x15″ plastic box of embroidery thread and it has the threads in it I need to finish my special project.  Go figure?  I think Sheri took it, when she was here.

Back to the block.

This is Esther’s Square, 12 inch block, made with I Love This Yarn, in Toasted Almond and Ivory.


I picked two neutral colors to go with anything.  This will be a Christmas gift to a family member, but I don’t know who that is yet.

Now I need to get back to the embroidery.  Where is my thread?


10 responses to “Block A Month Crochet – January

  1. That Sheri, what a bully! I’m glad she’s making you work though. You are so talented.

  2. ***Where is my thread?***

    With your dictionary.

    ***I crocheted it between brakes from embroidery***

    Ooops. LOL

  3. LOL! What she doesn’t know, is that when all the squares are made, I’m going to come steal hers and leave her with mine. Bwahahaha

    …and I didn’t steal your embroidery thread. I can’t find mine either and had to go to the *evil empire* and buy some for my inky dinky bunny head.

  4. I started making those 12″ blocks but they just seem so big to me that I frogged the two that I had done. Now I’m thinking about going back and redoing them. Or maybe I’ll do the 6″ ones instead. Your block is lovely.


  5. Congratulations! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your squares! Guess I’d better get crackin on that crochet bag huh?

    No hurry on the bag. I know you are busy. 😀

  6. Very pretty!
    Do you have to make the one they assign for the month or can you choose your own pattern?
    I’m a confused joiner:p

    This one you are suppose to use what they say. They give you two 12″ squares to pick from and one 6″ square each month. You can do one or all. I am making both of the 12″ squares and thinking about the 6″ squares. There is another group I am in called Year in a Blanket, where you pick the squares you want to do. I haven’t started that one, because my yarn isn’t in yet. Sheri hasn’t done that one, because she is lazy.

  7. You sure do make interesting frienemies! 😀

    Love your square, it is different from Sheri’s so I wasn’t sure they were the same 😮 I actually had to go back and forth between them to make sure they were the same!

    I think that I will have to try that pattern and see how I do with it. I’ll just use what I have on hand though – I’ve got enough yarn that I am donating a lot to a stash sale that will benefit my guild.

  8. Whooeeeeeee! Sheri put the smackdown on ya’!

    Sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Your block is very pretty – I like those colors together.

  9. That is a nice looking design and I like the colors that you used.

    Thank you. 🙂

  10. If someone wanted to start to crochet, where would you suggest they start????
    Books? Internet? Class?
    Also, I’m a lefty. Does that matter?

    Thanks so much!
    (you were so nice and helpful with my last bag question…now you’ve created a monster. ha ha)

    Yes, I have some information. I’ll email you in a little bit. Glad to hear I can make a monster out of you. LOL

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