Pioneer Games

We have been traveling on the Oregon Trail (in our minds) for almost three months.  We are tired, our feet are sore, and we need some entertainment.   What better way to entertain ourselves than playing with pioneer toys?

First up, we played with marbles.  This game would have worked alot better if we had a good cleared dirt area.  It was too grassy and bumpy here. 


In the center of a cleared area, dig a small hole into the ground.  Measure back 6 feet and place a stick in the ground.  This is the shooting place.  Each member shoots their marble once.  The object of the game is to place your marble in the hole.  If you marble does not make it into the hole, leave it where it lands.  The person who gets their marbles in the hole or closest to it, wins. These were my daughter’s marbles, so I wouldn’t let anyone keep them. 😀


We also had some fine music with a Harmonica. Can my daughter play the Harmonica? No.


The toy we liked the best was the Bullroarer.   My husband made these using left over flooring material.  He cut both ends to a point.  One end has a hole and notch for the string.


The string I was to use was a nylon type twisted string; however, I left it behind. We used plain acrylic yarn. Don’t use yarn, ok. It breaks very easily. I had all the kids try this out and made sure no one was any where near them.  Yes, one went flying.

Here is my oldest daughter showing how it is done. You can also swing it above your head. We could hear the noise very well, but you can’t hear it on YouTube.  bummer

And here is the class with their very own Bullroarer.


Now that we have had some fun, I think we can make it, at least, to the halfway point on the Oregon Trail.

8 responses to “Pioneer Games

  1. This is so good to see. I remembered playing this during the early 60’s.

    Do you mean 1860’s? LOL

  2. I can hear the bull-roarer over the youtube. That looks like fun. Old timey games are nice.

    We have harmonicas too and we can’t play them either. It is fun to just see how many variations of sounds they can make.

    Did you play marbles as a kid with other kids? When I found out that I could lose my marbles, I didn’t.

    Yes, I did. I can’t remember if we kept the marbles. All I remember is freezing outside during recess while playing the marbles. LOL When my kids use to play, I made sure they kept their own marbles. I don’t like loosing the marbles, either.

  3. Now you should make yourselves some new shoes.

    I can’t. I don’t have anything extra to trade for the materials needed for shoes. I will have to be content with the buffalo hide in the bottom of my worn out shoes. The kids are barefoot, but they’ll get over it. Hope it doesn’t snow before we get to Oregon.

  4. I do believe you are the best co-op teacher in pioneer history. Your class looks so fun!

    LOL Thanks.

  5. You can hear the Bullroarer on the video! How cool is that!

  6. Yep, you almost have me wanting to move to Florida.
    But not quite! 😀

  7. garage is STUFFED with flooring material! Being floorsanders here and all. I bet the boys in OUR class would LOVE to try out bullroarers! :p

    Yes they would!!

  8. You do the neatest things!! I remember being somewhere as a kid where they had a bullroarer thing. I remember it was hard to keep from getting hit by it-the kid who had it wasn’t very careful.

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