Some Friend!

At the beginning of January, Sheri made this very pretty heart.  It is just the right size and it is just the right color.  I asked, “For me!?” and she had the nerve to say, “No, it’s on its way to Mississppi.”     Well, some friend she is!

So… I had to make one for myself and just to show her off, I made two.


Then I decided to do more and made these. They are aptly named Won’t share with Sheri hearts.


No Tanya, you can’t have my ugly pink hearts.

Now you might think that Sheri isn’t so bad about not sharing, just read on. She bought a ball winder months ago and never used it! She refused to send it to me.

Well, Sheri, I don’t need your stickin’ ball winder. I made my own center pull ball without a ball winder. So there!  You can see how to do this with your thumb on You Tube.


On a brighter note: I have forgiven Sheri for all her faults.  And I have found my box of embroidery thread, so I am back to working on my special project. WooHoo.


9 responses to “Some Friend!

  1. Wow, it’s too heated in this blog….I’m getting out of hear until you settle down some. Go back on the Trail and work off some of that steam.

    It’s Sheri’s fault!!

  2. How did you make your ball winder?

    I would like to take credit for making my ball winder, but it was God who made my thumb. I’ll post the youtube link in the post, of where I learned to do this. Just remember, my ball is better. 😀

    Why can’t I have the gorgeous pink hearts?


    Why did you make other colors besides pink?


  3. You know you have a good friend when they send you hand gestures over the internet…disguised as a ball of yarn. You really, really need a ball winder.


  4. First it was you always saving Nancy, then it’s you and CC smacking each other and now you’re sending hand gestures to Sheri!!!

    I do not know what you’ll do to me!!!

    I think Donna’s safe because she’s Sir Husband’s “sister” by different parents but no one else seems safe here!!

    Love the hearts by the way and the pink and violet ones could find very nice homes up here!!!

  5. I love it when you use what God gave you:)
    What are you making with the embroidery thread?

  6. Awesome yarn winder you have there Michelle. 😀 You did a nice job winding it. Those are cute hearts too.

    You are really sweet to give our dear friend Sheri thumbs up. 😉

    Elaine, I need to go visit my Florida relatives someday.

  7. Oooo, that hear design is so pretty! The pastels remind me of message hearts… (you are making me hungry!)

    LOL That is funny. I changed the pattern from one called Converstion Hearts on Ravlery.

  8. sure glad I’m listed under Applie’s friends. Are you going to embroider words on your pastel hearts to make a conversation? Just asking.

  9. I love your hearts! And I really love the heart Sheri sent me. It is a beautiful red.

    Thank you for posting this. You reminded me to post about Sheri’s gift.

    Oooooohhhhh! So your the friend who got my red heart. Well! I have two. 🙂

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