Thomas Fork Crossing

We are going to have a Nooning Party before we head on over the crossing.  This is a dangerous place to cross, but not as bad a The Big Hill.     Pray for us.   Yee Haw!


4 responses to “Thomas Fork Crossing

  1. =D I hope you have a dollar for the toll.

    LOL The kids have to decide if they have the money for the toll. I am sure they will have the money, because one of the kid’s oxen died after drinking water with alkali in it. (That means she didn’t do her homework). LOL

  2. Did you make your bonnet and dress?

    I bought the bonnet on Ebay, and I ordered the apron from a lady a few years ago.

  3. Those can’t be your girls!!!

    All the best to you. Which river are you crossing anyway?

    No, these are not my girls. These are girls in my first period class. They really like this history. Dd#1 took the picture, because she refuses to dress up. She is also hating the history class. I am pretty sure it is because I am teaching it.

  4. You ladies look entirely too comfortable out on the trail. What is your secret?

    I have a bottle of moonshine hidden away in the wagon. Kids are just happy on an adventure.

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