Mmmm Good


8 responses to “Mmmm Good

  1. Those look so yummy!

  2. You can not show a picture of rolls, and not give a recipe or anything else.

    It just isn’t right!

    LOL It is just a plain ole whole wheat white bread recipe. I let the dough rise for 45 minutes, then shaped and let rise for an hour. Then baked at 400 for roughly 12 to 15 minutes. Then topped off with melted butter. That is all. CC, you can do this with your honey wheat recipe.

  3. Yummy…did you make them? You haven’t been over to visit me recently. I miss you 🙂 I know you have been busy on the Trail.

  4. Oh, how I do love homemade rolls!

  5. Oh, man, I’m so hungry and now I have to read your blog and can’t eat those lucious looking dinner rolls!!

    I call foul!!

    You’re welcome.

  6. That’s just mean!

    hehe Donna, I don’t think these are as good as the rolls you make.

  7. Yummy! You inspire me to get back to backing!

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