Arlette Shawl

As I mentioned before I am taking Tunisian Crochet Class at The Local Needle.  The patterned used is a simple one by Louet called Arlette Shawl.  The instructor made changes on both ends and at the edges.  The pattern calls for a merino wool yarn and a Tunisian Hook size N.   I wanted a lacy look, not a blanket, so I am using Pagewood Farm Chugiak hand Dyed Sock Yarn.  Florida is just too hot to wear a blanket style shawl. 🙂

The hook is a very smooth bamboo, size N, and measures about 13 inches long.  It makes big stitches.  So big, that I had a hard time getting use to identifying the stitches.


Some Tunisian hooks have a hook on both ends; mine did not. I had to add a heart stopper to keep the yarn on the hook. Look CC, I stabbed it right through the middle of this cute little pink heart. I think of you every time I use it. 🙂


It took me two times to begin this correctly. The last time I counted, I still had the correct number of stitches on the hook. Woohoo!! It really does not look like much now, just a mess.


I don’t care if you can see the stitch pattern or not, because what I am going for is a more lacy look. Once I block it, it will have a beautiful design to it.


If you look closely, you can see the X stitch. I am much slower on this pattern than any others I have done. It is due to the dark thread and I have hard time seeing the stitches. I use a bright light and concentrate on what I am doing. I do not consider this a brainless project. LOL  I hope to have it done by Resurrection Day.


9 responses to “Arlette Shawl

  1. Awwwhhhhhh you think of me every day.

    Your so sweet.

  2. Pretty! Yep, I am really liking that yarn.

  3. That is beautiful!
    I love the little heart. I feel like such a barbarian I use a rubberband LOL

  4. It’s looking very pretty so far. Your yarn choice is beautiful!

  5. It’s going to be lovely. I love your stopper.

  6. I love the color, blue’s my favorite you know 😉 I still love the hat & scarf that you made me…..did I ever send you a picture of me wearing them?? I cannot recall if I did or not, if I did I must have lost it in my computer crash.

    I can see the cross stitch pattern, it is looking very nice indeed. I am surprised that you are not making this with red yarn though.

    As for when you complete it you said, “I hope to have it done by Resurrection Day.” Do mean by Easter Sunday or by the day Jesus comes back to take us Home? I just want clarification here.

    We call Easter, Resurrection Day. Although, I am so slow at this one, that it might be better if I say “Before Jesus Returns” LOL

  7. That’s going to be a very nice shawl!! =)

  8. “I hope to have it done by Resurrection Day.”

    I had to laugh at this because I have way too many projects I feel that way about. Some of them I’m thinking I might need to whole millennium to get them done. 🙂

    I so understand what you mean. LOL

  9. How’s it coming?

    It is very slow going. I am not even half way done.

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