Well loved.



Can anyone guess which children are no longer allowed on the sofa?

7 responses to “Well loved.

  1. No, but I love your pink sofa.

    What pink sofa? Those are red flowers. Come for a visit and see. 😀

  2. We just kicked our dog out of the bed. He has never been allowed to sleep up there but the past few months he has been sneaking onto the bed in the middle of the night. We finally had to put a stop to it so now he’s banned from our room. Poor doggie. But I’m sure sleeping better now!

  3. So precious. We have 4 pets: 2 dogs and 2 cats. They are literally family members. I have so many pictures of my kids snuggling up to one or more of our animals. Something so wonderful about a child that can tenderly love one of God’s creatures so!

    I agree, there is something wonderful about that. We also have a cat, but she has rarely come downstairs since we got the dogs. We also have two bearded dragons, but you can’t snuggle up to them. LOL

  4. Hmmmm, my guess would be the second set!!

    (I’ll admit that I am terrible about telling your girls apart when they are separate).

    Obviously Maple is a good girl and appreciates her privileges. 🙂

    Actually, that is my youngest in both pictures. It is the four legged fur children that are not allowed on the sofa. LOL

  5. Get out your scarves, you got cold weather coming!

    We already have them out. LOL Yes, we have some cold weather. So far we have had four nights of freezing temps.

  6. I thought the 4-legged children kicked the 2-legged children off the sofa.

    At least everybody looks happy!

    That has happened. LOL

  7. I’m guessing the doggies have lost couch privileges [for now] =)

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