After shower conversation

Dad:  Why were all three of you girls in the shower at once?

Girls: Because we wanted to have some fun.

Dad:  I heard Neanderthal noises.

dd#2:  THAT WAS ME!!     she demonstrates

Dad:  I heard burps too. 

girls:  giggles  It was a contest.

Dad:  Young ladies should not have burping contests.  Young ladies should not burp loud.

girls:  awwww. 😦

dd#3:  eyes innocent  BUT DAD, I wasn’t burping!  I was the judge. 😀

8 responses to “After shower conversation

  1. Your “ladies” are too funny!!!!

  2. ROFLOL and shaking my head LOL

  3. Sounds like the shenanigans that go on at my house! I’m glad they can have so much fun in a simple way : )

  4. Your ladies sure do know how to have fun! I think I will make Neanderthal noises at my Goobers next time we are out and about. They’ll like that. 😀

  5. I wish someone would come around here and let people know that young MEN should not be burping loud, juicy ones in polite company. And for anyone wondering, *I* am polite company. Thank you very much.

  6. LOL That is funny =)

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