Gifties from a friend

Last week I got a small package from my friend Sheri.  I wasn’t expecting it at all, so this was a very nice surprise.  

I quickly opened the little package and oh horrors!  This was inside! 


That’s right, friends. A pink heart. Sheri apologized for the pink heart, so I have to forgive her…this one time.

Also in the little package was a little green bag filled with something. I opened it up and out fell these cuties.


They’re stitch markers!  Are these not the cutest things? Little froglets holding onto wild cherries or something. Notice these little wild cherries are red. WooHoo.

Here look at them up close. Look at the cute bug eyes and little toes.  You can’t help but love them. 🙂


I will treasure the pink heart and the little froglets forever.  The heart will be on the center of the table on Valentine’s Day.  🙂  Thank you Sheri for these lovely gifts.  {hugs}


8 responses to “Gifties from a friend

  1. Oh….I just love the pink heart, and the frogs are really cute.

  2. You’re welcome, Sweetie. I’m sure the froglets are extremely happy at Applie’s Place!
    Yes, they are!

  3. What a great adorable giftie!!!

  4. too cute! i just knew you like pink…

  5. Those little froglets are darling — and to think they came with a heart. So sweet and thoughtful of your friend.

  6. Those are great. I may have to look into getting some cute stitch markers, right now I tend to use different colored pieces of yarn.

  7. So cute!!! Thanks for stopping by my site.


  8. Those little markers are adorable. =)

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