Making ends meet

In this household, like many others, we have had to work harder at saving money.   At Christmas time I had wanted to purchase for myself and my MIL our favorite oven mitts, after purchasing four gloves, shipping and handling, it would have cost me almost $100.00.    I couldn’t do that.  So…I just decided to live with burned finger tips for a while.  The gloves I had were several years old and the inside at the tips of the fingers had worn through. 

I would just sort of fold the gloves over and try to use them that way, but I was getting very frustrated.  I needed some oven gloves, but didn’t want the flimsy ones you can get everywhere.  Well, it came to a point where I had. no. choice. but to get a replacement.


Some how our dogs got a hold of the oven glove and played tug-a-war with it and also used it as a chew toy. Having my thumb hang out was not an option for me. Since I have taken up the The Urban’s Homekeeper Challange, to make do with what you have and to make what you can for home use, I decided to do something about it.

This is what I did. Earlier in the summer of 2008, I bought some cotton yarn on clearance. I pulled that cotton yarn and crocheted two potholders for my own use. The cost for both of these was less than $1.00 and I still have a lot more yarn to make many more. 🙂


These are made using the Double-thick Diagonally Crocheted Potholder. They are thick enough to keep my fingers save. I did add more stitches to the beginning chain to make both potholders bigger.

These are now in my kitchen drawer ready for use. 🙂

14 responses to “Making ends meet

  1. And they are lovely.

    Can you salvage some of your mitt and use it as “stuffing” for a potholder?

    Why didn’t you tell me that BEFORE I threw them out! I’m not sure. They were really worn out.

  2. Way to go.

    Use it up.
    Wear it out.
    Make do.
    Do without.

    You did good!

    Thank you!

  3. Yours are much cuter than the store-bought glove. And much less expensive! Great job! And those are some good principles to live by. Keep it up!

  4. My husband’s late grandmother made me some hot pads exactly like that when we were first married. I still use them 15 years later! They have held up and I think of her every time I use them! She was such a wonderful lady. Enjoy yours!

  5. If I had known that you needed potholders I could have sent you some. I’ve been making those for years – I do not recommend using them with the grill or taking things out from under the broiler.

    You can make them better by putting in another layer inside, say a worn out towel or something.

    Thanks, Elaine, but I can make my own. 🙂 I am glad you have know about these for along time. I have made potholders for along time, but not like these.

  6. Those are really cute and useful.

  7. Neato-keen! I’d like to make some myself, only with wool.

    I thought about using wool, but then the kids would throw them in the wash and dryer. Then I’d have tea coasters. lol

  8. Well, I don’t have that problem – my children would never think to do something as wild and far out as washing my potholders for me. LOL

  9. Those are very nice. I like how it is made.

  10. I used to make those potholders! They work great. I still use mine daily after 5 years of wear. Enjoy! (And great job making do.)

    Love, Wardeh

  11. Making ends meet…in the middle (and on the diagonal! LOL). I’ve always wanted to try to make these. The ones you made are so pretty, I might just have to bump them up the list…

    Nice job!

    Thanks Gigi. They work great!

  12. actually with wool, and washed and dry they get extra thick, just make for crochet chain a little longer (alot longer) so when they shrink it will be just right. Now where is that felted wool bag that went awry? Re-fashion into a potholder.

    I’ve tried that before. I really don’t like how they feel on my hands, especially when my hands are wet. lol

  13. So cool, and pretty! I’m SO going to do this! Thanks for the idea!!

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