A giftie for my 29th birthday again

I got the cutest little giftie the other day.  It is from my dear friend Lisa at Wildflower Academy.  She crocheted this beautiful red tea coaster just for me.


It is very well done. All stitches are well done. The best part; it is RED. Doesn’t it look just lovely under my tea cup? I had to use it right away, you know.


Thank you, Lisa, for this beautiful gift. I will think of you every time I use it. {{hugs}}

On a side note here. Yes, my tea cup is mostly pink. One Christmas I bought myself and the girls each a tea cup. This is not the one I originally had. My then, 4yo, dd#3, decided she should have my red cup and took it. So, now I have a pink cup with red flowers and it is even prettier with the red coaster. 🙂

10 responses to “A giftie for my 29th birthday again

  1. What a nice gift! Very pretty! 🙂

  2. Uhh….the coaster looks hot pink to me.

    And I heart your pink tea cup.

    Nope, it is a very pretty red. 🙂

  3. Everything looks lighter on my computer too but I know I used 2 colors of very red thread:)
    It should have been blocked it so the little points didn’t curl:p I was in a hurry.
    I’m glad you like it and it does look very pretty with your lovely tea cup:)

  4. What a lovely coaster!!

    Lisa does great crochet work. The computer does make it look more pink than read though.

    The pinkiness might be due to my camera also. sorry.

  5. That is a pretty coaster and it looks perfect with your teacup. =)

  6. I love your red coaster and the RED teacup! Ohhh I do love red 🙂


  7. Isn’t Lisa a gem? It’s lovely!

    She sure is!

  8. Happy Birthday to you. I knew the day was about this time of month but couldn’t remember the day. Hope it was lots o’ fun!

    Thank you!

  9. Ditto to all the above – I also think your little cup coaster is very sweet!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my tea towel. You asked where I got it. I found a bunch of plain linen tea towels at a thrift shop, and bought all of them so I could use them to embroider. The waltzing vegie. design is a vintage transfer I ironed on to the tea towel.

  10. A late Happy Birthday-a late-clearing my throat-Happy 29th Birthday : ) Love the coaster-red is my favorite color!

    Thank you! cough-cough, um yes, I’m 29 cough-cough. Red is a wonderful col

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