Clothes Line

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I had mentioned before that we are having to figure out ways to lower our bills.  One of the bills that really needs to be lowered is our electric bill.   One of the ways to do that is hanging clothes out to dry, so I had Sir Husband in all his mightiness, build me a clothes line.


This isn’t my first clothes line. We had one of those nifty umbrella types. You know the ones; they are square and there is never enough room to hang clothes on them. At some frustrating point, you try to clip a clothes pin on and the whole clothes line will start to turn. It’s like it is alive and doesn’t want to be pinned. You get your exercise for the day, just chasing the clothes line around and around. Sort of like a rat in a wheel.

I hated that umbrella line. It was in the shade, we have lots of shade and the clothes rarely dried in this humid, shady place, called Florida. I stopped hanging clothes out there. The only things you would find hanging there were over sized stuffed toys, life jackets, and ballet tights. I had to stop hanging the tights out there, because squirrels would take off with them. Maybe they look good in tights, I don’t know.

One day the good Lord blessed me by sending down a large branch right on top of the clothes line. 🙂

I told the husband I wanted a real line this time. One that was long with several rows of lines. He didn’t fail me.  He even got the young man out there to help.


This line in now in half sun and half shade. Our neighbors had to cut down a huge Hickory Tree last year and that let in some light. The line works well. Lots of room for large items like sheets and blankets, which we needed last week.

The girls like to come out and help…


Mostly they like to watch.


12 responses to “Clothes Line

  1. What a great job Sir Husband did. I’m very impressed.

  2. Great job.

    I have one of those umbrella clothes lines. I can get 4 loads of laundry on that thing at one time.

    So glad you have a much sturdier one now.

  3. I’ve never had a clothes line. When I lay out clothes to dry (usually on the back of chairs in the kitchen) they come out hard and crunchy. How do you prevent this on a clothes line?

    You learn to live with it. Sometimes I’ll throw the jeans in the dryer for about 5 to 10 minutes and that helps.

  4. Kristy~the reason they come out hard and crunchy is twofold.

    1. Did you use liquid fabric softener?

    2. Do you use to much soap?

    If you use to much soap, then it can’t be rinsed out, and will leave your clothes crunchy.

    If you plan on laying/hanging out your clothing, it helps to use liquid fabric softener.

    The only things that are crunchy for us, are the towels. I always use 1 c. of vinegar for the rinse in the towels as vinegar 1. gets out all the soap and therefore lets the towels dry me off quicker and better and 2. liquid fabric softener leaves a film on your towels preventing absorption.

    If the day is windy, then it is better for the towels. Towels are the only reason I miss a dryer.

    We have tried everything and we can not get rid of the crunchies.

  5. I love to hang clothes out on the line-there is just something so satisfying about it! And I hear you about the need to reduce the energy bill!!!

  6. I am hoping to have my hubby build me a good clothes line as well as a green house this spring. I am determined to also do what I can to lower our bills and if I do not have to pay so much for electricity for my dryer I would have more $$ to put towards paying off debt and therefore have more $$ to spend on electricity & gas in winter when I cannot hand stuff out to dry.

  7. You crack me up, chasing your clothes line and squirrels in tights LOL. Your new line looks really sturdy. The picture of the girls on the homemade swing with the clothes drying in the background is so sweet:)

  8. Very nice!

    Many years ago I saw a clothes line in a Martha Stewart magazine that had a hammock stretched between the poles. If I ever had a hankering for a clothes line, I’d be sure to include the hammock.

  9. I love my clothes line …I have 2– one in my laundry room and the other is one of those 40 ft coil jobs that is nailed to the outside wall of bedroom goes across the deck, across the lawn and hooks to a tall spruce tree. I hang everything except socks, undies and towels. And in the summer even those except DH compains about the crunchy towels.

    I’m with Tipper I love to hang clothes on the line!

  10. Yep, I have one of those umbrella clotheslines – actually, we’re on our 2nd one because after a year of use the 1st one collapsed with a load of just washed and still wet clothes on it!

    But due to the fact that we live in a neighborhood that says we can’t have a permanent clothesline, the umbrella will have to do.

    I love hanging my clothes out to dry, especially sheets and blankets. When I bring them in I throw the load into the dryer for a couple minutes to get the pollen and bugs off, though 🙂

  11. Mary q Contrarie

    I live in an apartment so I can not have a clothesline. I found a perfect solution. I use laundry racks. I can put them on the patio when the weather cooperates and I can move them around the apartment all the rest of the time.

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