To Kill A Bug

 Sir Son is required to collect 30 different types of insects, for his biology class.  So far he has 12.  Last weekend we marched to two local parks in search of six legged creatures.  We only found bees and wasps. 

We bought a large black light to try and see what we could catch at night.   Sir Son has been wanting a black light for his room, so he was thrilled when we brought it home.

We hung a large white sheet out on the line and placed the black light facing it.  It was pretty cool looking.


Withing a few minutes we started getting small beetles.


Lots and lots of small beetles.


Sir Son ran down the street to his friends house to borrow the butterfly net. Of course the friend had to come down and see what was going on. 🙂


We mostly got the small beetles, but Sir Son also was able to get larger beetles and a few things we can’t identify yet. I caught him a moth, but we are hoping to get larger ones later.

The bugs were killed in a killing jar and then pinned to the foam board to dry out. We discovered they are not always dead when pinned. One Woodboring Beetle is refusing to die, even thought Sir Son has told it several times it is dead. This beetle is now known as “The Immortal Beetle”. :mrgreen:


Saturday will bring anothe opportunity to collect butterflies and other things. We plan on going to a different park, armed with several killing jars…and a picnic.

10 responses to “To Kill A Bug

  1. This header picture isn’t any better!

    Ok, I’ll try again later. You are so picky!

  2. Remind me never to picnic with you if it involves killing and collecting bugs.

    I don’t see a problem. They just add a little crunch to the picnic. :mrgreen:

  3. Wow, that looks like fun, my boys would have loved to that. Your collection is looking great!

  4. I cannot believe that you have bugs, dead or live, on your kitchen counter!!

    I’m not going on a picnic with you either.

  5. Cool! I’d copy you, but Anemone is still traumatized by her first insect collecting experience. Her moth took forever to die. And then it wasn’t dead. And then it still wasn’t dead. And then it was dead. And then she left the top off the disply case and it disappeared.

    lol We now have to immortal beetles. Apparently they both like to take a spin in the needle. lol

  6. I shouldn’t have been eating lunch when I read this post. 😦

    My boys would love to help with the catching, especially my twins. They are more your catch and release kind of guys, so they would have to use their favorite quote from “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”.

    “You didn’t tell me you were going to kill it!”

  7. My girls would to join in on the bug hunting and pinning!

  8. That’s today isn’t it. I hope he found some different bugs to catch. I’d go on your picnic.

    We did not go today for several reasons. Next Saturday will have to be the day. 🙂

  9. Michelle, where do you get a styrofoam board like that please?
    Thanks. =)

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