It’s really bad

To end our Medieval Times study, I am letting the kids watch George and the Dragon.  It is rated PG, but we all know that PG sometimes really means, “Don’t ever let your kids watch that!”.

After getting the parents’ permission, I told the kids what we were going to do.  This is what happened next…

Dd#3:   (to boy classmates) There is something really bad in there.

Mom is thinking:  Oh great I forgot something about the movie, now I’ll need to find another one.

Boy#1:  What is it!?

Mom is thinking, yeah, what is it!?

Dd#3:  With eyes wide in horror and whispers, “kissing”.

9 responses to “It’s really bad

  1. LOL! Yuck, mushy stuff!

  2. On no not KISSING!!! Oh the horror!

  3. Kissing in a PG film!!!!!
    The horrors!!

  4. Too funny. I remember when PG movies were actually quite tame, seems like forever ago!

  5. Kid logic at its best. Priceless!

  6. No! Not kissing! Anything but kissing!

    I don’t recall many recent PG movies being too much, but MAN, some of the PG movies from the 80’s really surprised us. I guess PG-13 didn’t exist yet. 🙂

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