A Shoebox Castle

Part of the kids homework assignment for Medieval Times, was to pick a room of the castle and make a shoebox model of it.  My girls picked the church, kitchen, and peasants. 

We purchased for this project, some air drying clay, tiny wooden barrels, tiny wooden half people, Popsicle sticks, 2 bottles of paint, and food.

The oldest daughter work with the peasants. She used construction paper in the back, made the shovels and wagon from the Popsicle sticks. The people are painted and clay clothing was made for them.


Middle daughter wanted to do the kitchen. She likes to bake. 🙂 The table was made out of cardboard and then painted. The bowls and clothing are made from the clay. The food in the bowls were purchased. She did make some lovely rolls and loaves of bread, but you don’t see them in this picture. There is also a cooking fireplace and shelves. You can see them in the larger picture at the end of this post.


My youngest daughter picked the church. She really surprised me with the amount of interest and talent she put into this. She is the one who is not “crafty”, but does like to color and paint. This is a close up picture of the Lord’s Table. She did everything except make the chairs. I did that for her. The priest in the back is wearing a black robe with the white down the middle. That is funny to me, because our preacher does not look anything like that. lol From left to right. The round purple thing with red, is the cup and wine for communion. Next is an open Bible and then a plate of communion bread. Seated on the right is the Queen. Behind the preacher is the clay cross.


Here is their castle all put together. There are four other children who are participating in this, to make two castles. I’ll probably show those castles next week. Please take a good look at each room. There is lots of details in each. I am impressed with my girls, but I can say that because I am their Momma. hehe


8 responses to “A Shoebox Castle

  1. Very cute! That will be cool to see all the rooms put together.

  2. So cute!!
    The little people remind me of Fisher Price people. It looks like a Medieval playset. They did a great job.

  3. Sweet! I’m so glad they finished their dioramas. My kids have half finished dioramas all over the place and it makes me insane.

  4. That is great!! Your girls did a great job with the castle rooms.

    As for the preacher, he seems to be appropriate for the time frame of the over all castle.

    I thought so to, Elaine. What’s funny is she hasn’t seen anyone like that, in the books. lol Thank you for the nice comment.

  5. Diaoramas are great fun. and the kids did a great job

  6. Diorama. Thanks for the word Melanie. I couldn’t remember it. I was searching my brain last night for that word. It came up with nothing.

    Their creative work is good. The medieval people are all smiling. There seems to be a sweetness in girls to make things smiling.

  7. Wow, that is awesome. Your girls did a great job. This is something my kids would love to do! Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you. 🙂

  8. The thought and details are awesome!

    Assigning ‘rooms’ is a very good idea, too.

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