A new dinner

I am so tired of the meals we have had.  We are in a runt.  For the most part it is because of my very picky children. 

I decided to check out other blogs and websites looking for something different.  My plan is to try something new almost every night for a week or more.  If the family complains too much, then I’ll tack on a few more weeks.

I have some rules:

  • This is all for me, so I am picking recipes that sound good to me. 
  • Meals have to be mostly whole foods.
  • Meals have to be easy.
  • Cannot contain ingredients I have not heard of before or are hard to get.
  • Cannot contain ingredients my son is allergic to.
  • I will not tell my family what I am up to.  
  • I will not allow my husband to come in, take over, and “fix” the recipe.

    The first recipe I tried was the Salmon Turnovers from The Happy Housewife.  I can’t believe I picked this recipe for my first experiment. Years ago, I bought a can of Salmon.  I opened it and found bones things in there.  I closed it up and threw it away, never to pick up another can of Salmon ever.  Never say never. 😀

    It took me five minutes to find the only brand, our grocery store carries, that is boneless and skinless.  Then I did something I haven’t done in over 20 years, probably longer.  Something I swore I would never do.  There goes that word again. I can’t believe I am saying this…I bought, eeekkk, a tube of crescent rolls.      You know the kind you use to have to whack on the counter to pop open.  My hands were shaking when I picked it up.

    Let’s see what is in there.


    Uh…never mind. Ignorance is bliss.

    I made eight of the turnovers. Four were made without the celery and onions. I figured I had a better chance of getting the kids to take a bite if the green stuff was not in there.

    These were quick and easy to make. They turn out real pretty too.  Ok, don’t look at how I shaped them, but isn’t the color pretty? 


    I enjoyed these. They were very good and very filling. Just need one. I also had a mixed green salad to go with them.

    The Verdict:
    Mom: Says we’ll have these again, using whole wheat dough.
    Dad: Didn’t eat with us that night.
    Son: Said bread and insides were horrible and went to bed hungry.
    Girls: Two ate most of it and liked it, but still went to bed hungry because they refuse to eat the salad. Oldest ate half of the bread and then announced she was not hungry. Forget about her saying she was starving before the dinner. 🙄

    Next menu up is Chicken LoMein. 

    If you have a recipe you want me to try on your blog, please let me know and I’ll see if I can add it to the list. 🙂



    9 responses to “A new dinner

    1. That’s a great idea. We are stuck in a rut too. It is the same things over and over and over again. I think I am trying your idea.

    2. So if your kids refuse to eat, do they not get anything else until breakfast? I have a very picky eater and I just haven’t been able to keep that rule or I don’t think he would ever eat dinner. Ever. he’s picky and stubborn.

      They get nothing until breakfast.

    3. I am also attempting to try new recipes a few times a month. I get mine from either the Taste of Home website/magazines or from My Recipes.com

      The chicken fajita spaghetti was a hit with my girl friends last Friday night and I made it with whole wheat pasta. Hubby did not get to try it even though I saved some for him. I know he will like it but I am pretty sure the girl will turn her nose up at the veggies and the boy may or may not like it. I will be making it again when hubby is home. It’s healthy and filling. Oh, and the link is in my blog on the March 2 Menu Plan Monday, I think.

    4. You didn’t! Not crescent rolls in a can! LOL I never buy those, but we eat them when we visit our families. The Goobs think they’re getting this really big treat. LOL

      I didn’t know they even sold canned salmon without the skins and bones – I will have to seek some out. We only eat it about twice a year or so because I hate peeling off the skin. Once a year I make salmon loaf (think meatloaf w/ fish instead of beef) and once a year I make salmon patties (think salmon loaf only shaped into patties and fried.) That’s the extent of my canned salmon repertoire.

    5. I was going to say that we were stuck in a runt once but then I thought no, that would be way to picky of you, but then I thought again, well Applie would do it to you. :o)

      I like the looks of your turnovers but my bunch won’t eat salmon made that way .

      I think we should all go to each other’s ruts and snoop around to see if there is something we haven’t tried…. come on over to my rut any time and find something. Since I moved my blog I don’t see many people anyway. Yes, I’m pouting about that. Going to go look in all these other people’s ruts for recipes now.


    6. I hope trying out some new recipes helps keep you from going postal. =)

    7. would have never thought you would serve whomp biscuits. LOL

      hmmm Don’t have too many recipes up on the blog, but I will think of something for you.

    8. Hmm..I am pretty sure a bunch of my recipes on my blog meet your criteria. Are you still in a rut? 😀

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