Homeschool Testing


My two oldest children take group testing at a local church, in May.  We kinda, sort of,  start preparing for this test in February.  Sir Son usually works on his own and I don’t have too much to prepare for him. 

My Lady Daughter 1, though, needs extra help.  She lost it in the middle of a math section the first year she took the group testing.  I failed to mention that there will be questions on there we haven’t covered and it is ok.  oops

There are several things we do to prepare for this day.

  1. I purchase the Iowa Prep Test, Scoring High.  Each week day we do several of the timed tests.  I make the house quiet, go over instructions, set a timer, and give a 5 minute ending warning.  Basically, I set up just as if she is taking the test.     This helps to prepare her for the timed portions and tells me where we have holes in her education.
  2. We take extra time to go over any problem areas or holes.
  3. I make their favorite dinner the night before and favorite breakfast the morning of the test.  This is not the time to force them to eat something they hate.
  4. With this group testing they are allowed a snack.  Snack is scheduled half way through the testing;  usually between the Math and English.   I make sure the snack is healthy, no sugar or junk, and is high in protein.   For my son it is some sort of granola bar without peanuts.  Daughter gets fruit and yogurt or a muffin (whole wheat).  Included in their snacks are two large, homemade, chocolate chip cookies.  This is their reward when they finish the test. 

When the kids come out of testing, they are all smiles.  It is so much fun to hear their comments about the test.  One year my son came out and said the very first question in English was really, really weird.  There was something wrong with it.  I, being the teacher, told him he may have read it wrong.  About five other kids came up, individually, and said the same thing, it was a really, really weird question.  😀

On the way home my kids eat their cookies and talk about what they will do next, now that they are free from school.

If your children have yearly tests, what do you do to prepare?

7 responses to “Homeschool Testing

  1. I do no preparations at all.

    I want to see exactly what they learned.

    I also give them chocolate.

  2. My youngest takes an individual test…the PIAT. In fact, his test is tomorrow afternoon. My oldest takes the Stanford Achievement Test with our homeschool coop in April. The youngest tried the SAT his first year and it was too difficult. He does not do well in group testing and plus it was a much longer test. So that is why I switched him to the PIAT. I do not do a thing to prepare them, other than to make sure that they are well rested and fed before we leave.

  3. You are so awesome! My youngest is taking the SAT9 this week. I love the suggestions for breakfast and snack! I was racking my brain and all I could come up with was boiled egg, fried egg and breakfast burrito LOL She will love the cookie idea too. She took Basic Iowa last year and I was told the book you use is the best test prep book. I just couldn’t remember what it was called so I ordered Spectrum test prep. She is taking the final practice tests as I type this. We prep a lot alike. The test is pretty early in the morning so I’m wishing I would have got her up earlier for at least a couple weeks to get her brain used to functioning that early. She said the excitement of the test will keep her alert.
    Timely post- Thank you!

  4. My youngest son always insisted on leftover pizza the morning before his SATs or ACTs. He said it was the “complete brain food.” Whatever worked to psych him and give him confidence I was all for.

    Good luck with the tests.

  5. By the way, forgot to mention that you made my blog again today. Look at #7 on my Bucket List 🙂

  6. My Goobs have never taken a standardized test. Every year I start out thinking that this will be the year I schedule one for them, but then I think, “What for?” and I can’t answer my own question. LOL I think I’ll just wait until JM gets through Algebra II and then have him start taking practice SAT tests. I will follow your example and bake him large cookies. 🙂

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