A different kind of need.

UPDATE:  I had to take out a certain word because of unwanted searches from unwanted weirdos.  I hope that helps.

Tuesday my dd#3 (age 7) was trying to work out some deals with her dad over the phone.  She wanted know if he would buy her something that she NEEDED, if she didn’t have enough of her own money.

What was it that she NEEDED?  Well, it was this.


Both The Peas wanted a pair, really, really, badly. So… I told them if they cleaned their bedrooms really well and it was done before their Dad got home, then we would buy them the special item.

They did a fine job, so the Dad stopped by the grocery store and bought these. These are special items because they come with a key. Everyone say, “oooo-awww”.

I heard the Dad yell, “Don’t hook the dogs!”, as The Peas ran off with their newly acquired NEED.

First they hooked their friends.


Now their friends want the special items.  Every young lady should have a pair.

Then dd#3 hooked her sisters to a chair. Apparently, they have been very bad.


Don’t worry. The sisters were able to retaliate.


Much fun was had by all.  The last thing I heard from dd#3 that night was,

“Hey!  Who wants to make me the dancing prisoner?”

Item pictured above; it’s a NEED.

9 responses to “A different kind of need.

  1. That is too funny! Glad that they got their toy and they were useful to them. What funny girls.

  2. All that fun and a clean room, too! What a deal!

  3. Well at least now we have our answer as too why your girl wanted special toys. 😀

  4. Funny! You are right; they NEEDED those items!

  5. Darling! You are an awesome mom you got them to clean their rooms and captured the sweetness of childhood.

  6. Their expressions are priceless. =)

  7. Oh what fun they are having-you know they’ll have to give the dog a try before it over 🙂

  8. Hee hee….these are ESSENTIAL, doncha know!

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