Washington Oaks Gardens

We are into our fourth week of bug hunting for Sir Son’s Biology class.  We try to go out at least once a week to hike an area in search of the six legged creatures.  Why God created some of them, is way beyond my thinking.

Last Saturday we took an hours drive down to St. Augustine, to visit Washington Oaks Gardens.  It is mostly a formal garden, but there are some very nice not so formal areas too. 🙂


 There is a path down to the river Matanzas River. Since it was a slightly wet, very windy, and cool day, we didn’t find many insects.

I did see some strange things growing out of the sand, right at the waters edge. You would think these were hard, but they are very soft and easy to bind over. I’ll have to do some research to find out what they are.


By the end of the day, Sir Son had captured one Bumble Flower Beetle and a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly.



We took one of Sir Son’s friends to help. He tried to catch a Zebra Butterfly. He really tried hard.


We do live in Florida so…

we HAD to get one of these.


The friend we took spotted this while I was looking under a log. He called it a large beetle and I used all my energy to capture said beetle. It wasn’t until after it was in the jar that we saw it was a Palmetto Bug. SCORE!    Ladies look at the hair on those legs!


13 responses to “Washington Oaks Gardens

  1. Palmetto bugs deserve to die…just for the ugliness factor.

  2. Okay, if you have bugs like that in Florida, I’m not moving there. I’ll take snow over those any day.

  3. Blah! I could have sent you one of those – I saw one crawling up the outside of my house the other day. Blah!!! Oh, wait, I said that already. LOL I love the picture of Sir Son’s friend. He should get an A for effort. 🙂 The park looks beautiful.

  4. Bug hunting was never my forte. Hubby had to help the kids with that. UGH!

  5. I’m with Kristy, snow for me over that bug, and others that you have down there in the land that is even with the Ocean.

  6. What a fun day! I am waiting for the weather to turn nice up here so we can start getting out more. I am not a fan of the cold!

  7. He should have quite a collection by now.
    The park looks so nice. I don’t know what those growing things are near the water’s edge either?
    I so do not like palmetto bugs. Eww. That one looks a little on the small side. Unless those are really long pins.
    Kudos to whoever was brave enough to touch it and pin it. :p

    Those are really long pins. They are insect pins, size 2. I used tweasers and pinned him down. 😀 He has 19 insects.

  8. You are getting quite good at pinning insects. =)

  9. AAACK! Palmetto Bugs…..I still have nightmares about those things….they’re just toooo big!

  10. Cold and snow versus bigger ickier bugs than we already have? Snow for sure!!!

  11. Aha! I knew it…palmetto bugs are NOT the big cockroaches here…people keep telling me they are, but I knew better. :p

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