A Girls Night Out

Monday night the girlies and I decided we would camp out in our back yard.  Sir Husband was kind enough to set it up for us.

We wanted an all girlies night.  Even though the pups are girlies, we didn’t want them in the tent.  It was difficult getting them to stay out.


 This wasn’t our usual camping experience.  Normally we would have a cookout, roast marshmallows and loads of fun.  This time there was no cookout or marshmallows, but we still had loads of fun the girlies way.

Sir Husband set up the traveling DVD player, while two of the girlies read.  See were my youngest daugher is at?  In the space between the mattresses.  That is where she ends up by the middle of the night.  By morning she is in my sleeping bag, every. time. we. camp.  😀


The movie was Prince Caspian. I didn’t care to watch it, so I read Blink by Ted Dekker.



There were two problems we had.
1. We had to get up early for a dentist appointment. We could have slept in for two more hours.
2. While we were gone, the dogs tore up our tent. Now we have no tent for our next Great Backyard Camp Out.  I am not a happy camper right now. 😦

I’m thinking about mailing them to Sheri.


3 responses to “A Girls Night Out

  1. Fun! I’m going to do that with the boys this summer. We used to have one backyard sleepover each year but we haven’t for quite a few years. I like the idea of watching a movie in the tent.

    Those darn dogs. Whose idea was it to get dogs anyway???

  2. You are a good mom. 🙂

  3. Do you like Blink? I read about it, it sounds like it’d be an interesting book.

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