Blog Changes

Hi All! 

I am trying to clean up this blog.

I have moved all blogs that I like to read and special links to the page title Friends of Applie’s.  You can find the tab at the top.  Please check them out,  you’ll like them all.  If you’re not on there and want to be, please let me know.  If you think you should be under the list “Rotten Applies”, I’ll have to pray about it for three days.  Only very special people get to be rotten.

The other things I am working on, are the comments, tags, and categories.  Some of the comments are duplicated and have weird HTML codes written in them, so I need to delete those.  It is taking some time to do that.  The Categories need to be shortened and the Tags need to be more organized. 

If you see anything on this blog that needs to be fixed, like spelling :roll:, broken links, and no photos showing, please let me know.


8 responses to “Blog Changes

  1. I love how it’s spring cleaning and everybody is tidying up their blogs and changing the formats and making them all pretty and fresh! I’m glad that we all have our priorities. And since you’ve fixed the “Brain Suff” I have no further complaints.

  2. Maybe that should read…”only very special people who wear pink get to be rotten apples”

  3. You know this is a good idea. I probably won’t be changing my theme though when we actually get spring, everything is turning green I just may change my picture. I guess some things on my blog could use some cleaning up.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. If you find that if those comments that contain the word CDATA has a normal double, then from your admin panel, search comments that contain the word CDATA and delete them.

  5. I am having the opposite problem. My blog is too clean. I need more stuff on it. LOL

  6. Melanie, maybe a few cheesy animated gifs in the sidebar would clutter it up a bit. lol

    Michelle, that stinks. It sure would speed things up it you could get all of those in a big list.

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