Subject Notebooks

This year in our history class at co-op, I had the students make different kinds of notebooks for each time period we studied.  Most of them were done in a three prong folder, but a few were special. 

The first one we did was for the Ancient Egypt study.  After the students made their pages, I kept them in a folder, so they wouldn’t get lost or torn.  Once all the pages were done, I bound them into books.


One of the important things we added was the timeline of events. I used a long piece of construction paper and folded it into thirds, so that it would be long enough for the time line, and be able to fit into the book.


I was bothered by all the gods the Egyptians worshiped. It seems to be one of the things the kids like to see the most. They are odd looking, very colorful, and plentiful. To help ease my mind, I folded a piece of long construction paper in half and placed on the front the Bible verse, I am the Lord, and there is no other; there is no God but me. Is 45:5. On the inside cover I printed out names of God, its meaning, and a Bible verse to go with it. On the inside right, the kids glued pictures of some of the many Egyptian gods, and then glued a circled no sign on the top. The sign can be lifted up to see the gods.


My favorite thing I used for the Egyptian Notebook and our Medieval Filefolder, was the mini booklets by Donna Young.

The Egyptian one has Fun Facts written in it by the students. I used a MSword clipart to make the background for the booklet. It is really cool looking.


The Medieval Booklet holds pictures of Medieval Headwear. The kids had lots of fun cutting these out and glueing them in the booklet. I couldn’t find a nice background picture, so I only added a crown to the front.


To keep the booklets in the notebook or filefolder, I just make a little pocket for it. You can see  below where we placed a pocket in our Medieval filefolder.  It is just the right size for the booklet and the kids can take it out any time to look at it.


These little booklets measures approximately 2.75 x 4 inches. Donna has them under household purse size, but they work so well with notebooks and filefolders. They are really easy to make. You can pick from dotted lines or blue lines. I used blue lines, to make it easy for the kids to write on.

Donna gives instructions on printing, cutting, and putting them together. She sews hers together at the folded line, but I am just lazy and put two staples in ours.   Go check them out, they are cute. 😀

10 responses to “Subject Notebooks

  1. I have really enjoyed the segments you have done on home schooling. These are very creative projects and I am so impressed that you took it one step further about gods and God.

  2. Another super homeschooling project! We are seriously thinking of homeschooling-once the girls hit high school-one more year to go. I don’t know if I could manage all the things you do-but I’d like too!

    • LOL Your funny, Tipper. You really do a lot all ready. 🙂 Once in high school things change. You won’t be doing filefolders like these, but your kids might want to make notebooks for themselves. Highschool homeschooling is very nice, most of the kids work on their own. You also get to watch them become adults right in front of your eyes.

  3. Very nice, you did a great job. Not that I expected anything else from you.

  4. I like what how you used the little booklet. I really need to make some with content.

    I like the big red circle with the Bible verse. =)

  5. What cool books. Great ideas. Thanks!

  6. Oh I love the little booklets! I hadn’t noticed those on Donna’s site before, but I’m going there now to download one so we can use it. Your unit books came out awesome!

  7. Well…speaking from the position of following a path that frequently gets accused of polythiesm, but isn’t actually, I feel compelled to point out that the Egyptians didn’t worship multiple Gods…they worshiped demigods, and denied the existence of God. Demigods are not God. They are limited in their powers, with faults, and are not Supreme. 🙂

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