What is it, answered.

What is it pictures.


A cross section of a Florida Banana Tree. (I think)  I’m probably totally wrong. Someone tell me.



B. Mimosa Tree



I don’t know.



A fern, but I don’t know what kind.  I like this picture. LOL


6 responses to “What is it, answered.

  1. Wow, I was really bad. I didn’t get any right…not even close. I have a lot to learn apparently.

  2. LOL, so you didn’t know all of them either. =)

  3. I still learned something. =)

  4. I *think* C is bamboo, the top is banana. Brings back childhood memories, lol!

  5. Top is def a banana, C is Bird of Paradise, I am pretty sure, and I have no idea what a mimosa looks like. :p

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