Snack Attack

I have been drying fruits for a little while now and sealing them in mason jars.  My goal is to have a variety of fruits available to add to a granola snack, for hiking this summer. Sealing them in mason jars, keeps them fresh and dry.

The first thing I do after drying, is  place the fruit in a mason jar and add the flat seal lid.  This is cantaloupe in the jar.  It has a strong flavor after drying, which makes it great to add to other things.


You don’t have to use mason jars. You can use whatever glass jar a seal lid will fit on. I would rather use the wide mouth jars, but I do not have the sealer  cap for that size.

Next, place the Vac ‘N Seal machine sealer cap on top of the lid and press down on the machine. This will suck all the air out and seal the jar.


Once it is done, the seal is stuck on the jar. The only way to get it off is to use a knife to lift up the lid and break the seal. You don’t even have to put the screw lid on.   Some people will punch a small hole in the center of the lid and then cover it with tape, before sealing.  When they want to break the seal, they just pull the tape off.


I wish I had a photo of all the dried fruits ready to add to hiking snacks, but I don’t have one. All of the fruit is gone.  All the yummy, apples, bananas, pineapples, and cantaloupe.  All gone.  The girls ate them.     Ok… I dipped way too many times in the fruit jar too.     We’ll just have to start all over again.


11 responses to “Snack Attack

  1. First off, I must be still half asleep because I thought it said “Snake Attack” at first :). Secondly, you are making me covet two more kitchen appliances. Every time I read a post from you about drying fruit, I really want a dehydrator. And now it seems I would need a sealer as well. Can’t the fruit just be put in baggies…or probably not because there would still be air in the bag? Convince me, why do I need a dehydrator???

    • See, I told you I was still sleepy, I wrote “first” twice in the first line. Sorry.

    • You need a dehydrator because it makes yummy dried foods, rise bread (which I haven’t done), make granola, and yogurt (I’ve only done that once).

      The fruit goes in the jars, because it is very humid here and dried foods do not like humid weather. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you showed this. I have the same vacuum sealing system but not the mason jar attachment. I was under the impression I had to use special seals, but now I see I don’t! Yes!

    I also have vacuum packed stuff in jars for camping. It makes for easier cooking and I’m less worried about spoilage. In my imagination I think the vacuum sealing give extra protection against the varying temperatures of cooler and ice refridgeration!

  3. Very nice.

    Next time hide the jars where the girlies won’t find them.

  4. I will have to refer The Man to this post so he can see exactly why I NEED a dehydrator. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to dry a canteloupe?

  5. NEAT!! I’m going to remember this-we have the sealer but I’ve never thought about sealing my dried apples in jars-duh-now I will!

  6. Hey! This sounds really good! I do some canning, mostly jellies and tomatoes… but I would LOVE to dry dried fruits too! I will have to read back to some more of you previous posts! Where, in the meantime, do I find this very impressive “vac and seal”???

  7. ooooooo I’ve been drying fruits and veggies for a while now and storing most in mason jars. I just got a sealer to store excess in bags. I hadn’t known I could also use it to super seal my jars. That is awesome!

  8. Must.get.vacuum.sealer. And dehydrator. Though, the last glut of fruit we had was papayas. I loathe papayas. And dried papayas smell like barf. I made the family freeze them all for smoothies, while I stayed in the other room. :p

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