A Great Big THANK YOU!!

A very good blogger friend, Colour du jour, took a much needed vacation to Hawaii.  And she went without me.   Her excuse was that she wanted to be with her family.  I’ll have to accept that and get over it. 

Shortly after she returned, she emailed me and said I’ll be getting a package soon.  WooHoo says I.  She said the items in there reminded her of me.   I don’t understand why.  Maybe you can tell me. 🙂

The package arrived and the innerds were wrapped with a  pretty red ribbon. 🙂

On the inside was this gorgeous thing.


A hand crocheted apron. All the stitches are even and very well done. Notice it is has some red in there. 😀 June will be very honored to wear this to serve at any social gathering.

Along with the apron came a matching little hot pad. It is so pretty. The flower is well done. A little like Irish crochet. The back is a type of granny square.


Next came a pretty little dish towel and matching hotpad. It has apples on it and also has some red. Very useful  and much needed items.


The most special thing in the box, was a bracelet of fresh water pearls all the way from Hawaii. Look, they’re RED! How cool is that!  I have worn them several times already.


Now June would not be caught wearing red pearls around her neck, but her naughty side allows her to wear a hint of red around the wrist.  😀

Thank you, thank you,  Peggyann.

9 responses to “A Great Big THANK YOU!!

  1. LOL! I knew that I had sent you the crochet stuff, but for the life of me couldn’t remember what else! ROTFL Now I remember the towel and potholder I found in my buffet drawer while cleanout for the remodel and remember that you were in dire need of potholders, and well, the fact that it had apples on it and prarie hats, just cinched the deal.

    Glad you like the bracelet too

  2. What a wonderful package!!! What a very sweet friend you have. Lucky lady.

  3. Those are very “you” and they are gorgeous! Your friend does lovely crochet!

  4. The apron is awesome and so you. What a sweet friend:) I love the comment about the naughty red pearls. LOL I needed that to help me lighten up. Thanks.

  5. Oh that’s awesome! And do you know what? I have THREE red & white crocheted hotpads that look EXACTLY like yours, except my Gramma crocheted them about 40 years ago! They are hanging on my diningroom wall, around a wall tray of spoons, also hers. 🙂
    What a fantastic blog-friend!

  6. We all need friends who know us so well and think of us when on vacation even. I love all the apples and red. =) Oh, Happy Day!!

  7. Very cute! I love the hot pad. I don’t think I would want to use it.

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