Turn off the T.V.

I didn’t know this, but this week is Turn off the T.V. week.    I found this out at The Happy Housewife

We probably will not totally turn off the T.V., after all we got BOLT from the red box yesterday and we will watch it one more time today and then it goes back to the box forevermore.

At Netflix, you can place your account on hold from 7 to 90 days.  This is what you get, when you are on hold.

  • Hold starts immediately
  • Set reactivation date 7 to 90 days out
  • No billing during your hold
  • No DVD delivery
  • No ability to watch instantly on PC or TV
  • Other site services remain available
  • Now I am not tempted to watch a DVD that arrives, nor can I be attempted to watch an instant play show.  Cool!

    Want to know what happens when we turn off the T.V. around here?

    Read here and then stay tuned.


    5 responses to “Turn off the T.V.

    1. I’ve never done that with Netflix….I should do that when we go on vacation. Thanks for the tip. If you are on Netflix, how come you are not my friend so I can see what you are watching and make fun of your choices?

      • I didn’t know you could do that. Um…nope, I don’t want any friends looking at what I watch. They would be shocked and wouldn’t want to be my friends. So..nope no friends allowed.

    2. We don’t do NetFlix or any other mail order stuff, unless it involves buying them. We sometimes borrow a movie from a friend that they have bought, otherwise we just buy them when we know for sure that we want to have the movie. That is why we have such a huge collection.

    3. We had Netflix for a while and then I stopped it. We use RedBox now or the library.

    4. Oh, that is nifty about Netflix. I didn’t know that. Good to know. We are Netflix junkies.

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