Canning Newspapers


Many years ago, I won a huge one gallon pitcher from Tupperware.  It was a lovely white, so the first thing I made to put in this pitcher was a huge batch of Raspberry Iced Tea.  The red tea in the white pitcher looked lovely. 

Once it was empty, I made sure I washed it so the red would not stain the plastic.  It didn’t, but something just as bad happened.  It smelled like Raspberry Iced Tea.  I could not get the smell out.  If I put other things in there, it tasted like Raspberry Iced Tea.  It was not good.

A friend told me to seal newspaper in the pitcher for several days and it would absorb the order.  Yeah right!   I did what I was told and sure enough it worked.  The smell was completely gone!  AND nothing tasted like Raspberry Iced Tea!

So, when I received the above jars, which smell just like what use to be in them, I decided to can some newspapers.  I’ll leave the newspapers sealed in there for several days.  If the smell is not out by then, I’ll replace the newspapers and reseal.   

They will hold my dried items, like bread crumbs.  I don’t want my breadcrumbs smelling or tasting like spicy red pepper.   I will use the small mason seal lids to seal the jars.

11 responses to “Canning Newspapers

  1. Oh you are so very smart. I have so much to learn from you. What a great idea.

    Where is your blog post about the zoo??

  2. I’ve heard that newspapers will absorb the odors from almost anything. They are amazing things that can be use in a variety of ways. We have wrapped frozen fish in newspaper to ship all the way from Alaska to Maine, in summer, with no problems at all.

  3. That works for stinky refrigerators, too. One summer we had a family reunion at a beach house, and the previous tenants had stored their fish in the extra fridge (the one we wanted to keep our beer in LOL). We called the agency, and they told us to put a few crumpled up newspapers in there overnight. Riiiiight. But, we did (thankfully The Goobs didn’t mind crumpling up two newspapers worth of papers) and it worked!

  4. My favorite part of this post is actually you last comment, Michelle:

    Cool! That is good to know. Who wants beer that smells and taste like fish. Unless you have had several too many and you don’t care by then.

    I just love that your first concern with the fishy fridge was the quality of the beer. You are officially cooler than I’ll ever be.

    You crack me up.


  5. Great idea! I have also used plain ( no lighter fluid) charcoal briquettes with success.

  6. Does canning the newspapers improve the flavor of the news? 😉

  7. This works great in a vehicle too thats been smoked in. Hubs has had to do this to trucks and it works great. Stuff in under seats, etc so you can still “work” around it.

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