The Jacksonville Zoo

My daughter had a field trip to the Jacksonville Zoo and I decided to take The Peas and tag along.  Dd#1 rule was, I and The Peas could go, but could not follow dd#1 and her class around.  I agreed because that would be really embarrassing!  I don’t think I could handle all those people staring at me, while I was with my oldest daughter.   I shudder just thinking about it.

Here is a duck.


Here is a bird.


I don’t remember what these birds are called. Maybe BS can help me out here. Anyhoo, they are not actually part of the zoo. They have made their home here on their own, which is pretty cool. These birds are endangered, but you can’t tell it be all the nests with babies.

Here are a couple of baby birds. They are looking at me. I just know.

baby birds

Here are some turtles.


Here is their newest addition. Komodo Dragons. I was disappointed in the display. I thought they would be A LOT bigger. Big enough to swallow a whole pig, which is what I wanted to see. These look like over grown lizards.

komodo dragons

This is the new Asian Area. The zoo had made everything really pretty and nice. It use to be just cement and chain-link fences. Now it is a lovely place to visit, except when it is hot and before noon, when all school children are there.

Asian area

In one section of the zoo, is a nice play area for little people. One of the ways you can get to it, is by walking through a maze. This maze is only for children and the way in is about four feet high. The Peas wanted to walk through there. I said SURE! It would be a chance for them to get lost.

Well, it didn’t work. This is how high the maze was. I could see them and they could see me at all times. Also the maze was just a straight line with one little curve in it. Someone needs to go back to maze school, if you ask me.


It turned out to be a great day.  I am sure we will be going back soon.  Maybe I’ll let dd#1 follow me around.

6 responses to “The Jacksonville Zoo

  1. What class was your daughter with…a coop class? And don’t they have “real” animals at the Jacksonville zoo…like lions and tigers and bears?

  2. BS believes that is a stork of some kind. =} I also believe you are right about the birdlets, they appear to be looking at you. The maze picture is cute with your littlest one looking at you over the top.

  3. BS is right. It’s a wood stork.

    I’m so relieved Daughter #1 did not hang around and embarrass you! LOL You should have serenaded her in Whale, seeing as how you were at the zoo and all.

    I love the maze picture – it’s cute.

  4. You need more exotic animals like what we have up here. Maybe a few moose, polar bear or an arctic fox. I just think that those other animals that Kristy mentioned would probably be too hot during the day and would be more active at night when the weather is cooler.

  5. Maze school ha ha ha
    You girlies look cute peeking up at you. You got some lovely pictures. I love turtles and birds:)

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