A Game of Spoons

Today was the second to last day at co-op.  We finished up our Florida History about 30 minutes into the 90 minutes of class time.  What are we going to do for an hour?  Why play cards.   I  just so happen to have a stack with me. 😀

Me:  We are going to play Spoons.
Kids:  Spoons?  NOooooo, we want to play Go Fish.
Me: No, we are going to play Spoons.
Kids:  What is spoons:
Me:  A game I haven’t played before.
Kids:  Oh, what is Spoons?
Me:  A very fun card game.


Exciting game of Spoons

Everyone should have four cards only.

Ok! Take your unwanted card and pass it around. We’re having fun now!      Kids: We don’t get this game. It is boring.


Make sure you grab a spoon if you get four of a kind! Isn’t this exciting? Kids: No.

They are having a great time.  You can tell by their faces.  Yep, that’s my story.

Going for the spoon

Hey! I got four of kind, but the spoons slipped off the table to the other side. No worries, I’ll get it!


D!! I don’t want to see your butt! Get it away or I’ll spank you with the spoon I got!

Retrieving spoon

I think I’m stuck.

Spoon victory

Victory! I got the spoon!

Me: Isn’t this an exciting game.
Kids: Yeah!! Let’s play this again.
Me: Ok, but be calm about it. You’re suppose to grab the spoon quietly.
Kids: Ok.

8 responses to “A Game of Spoons

  1. Whoa cool moves kids!

    Looks like they had fun after all:)

    • Our family played this game as kids and plan to play it again tonight with our children and grandchildren. It is one of our fondest memories of family vacations and can’t wait to play it again tonight on our vacation. Whomever said this was a lame game has no sense of child in them and has never played it!

  2. Wow, that’s like, the lamest game ever. I can’t imagine children having fun while playing that game. Those poor kids – I am so glad I’m not in your class.


    • The kids are very happy that we only have one more week left of co-op. Two of those kids are mine, so they don’t have a choice about their teacher. Bwhahaha….

  3. We play this with the youth group…. imagine about 14 kids all around a table playing it! FUN!

  4. That’s a good lesson. I can’t explain that because my brain is mush today. LOL though, big ole LOLOL

  5. i love spoons. We played it all the time in highschool latin class. But you have to remember to have one less spoon that the number of players so there is a mad dash for that last one. And it is deffinitly best played with spoons, not forks or pencils.

    • In the first few pictures, there are five of us playing, which is why there are four spoons on the table. I just happened to be taking pictures at the same time. In the video, you’ll see only four players and three spoons. 🙂

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