Environmentally Friendly Decorating

Sir Husband remodeled our kitchen several years ago.

We bought the house in 2001.  The house was totally a late 1980’s home, with country blues, ducks, and heavy curtains everywhere.  The kitchen had three different wallpapers. Blue plaid on the bottom, geese in the middle, and a border of apple trees and geese at the top. Yep, the entire house was like that.

We sat down for our very first dinner in the kitchen. My son said, “Dad. Everywhere you look, you’ll see ducks.”


We lived with this kitchen for a few years. Then Sir Husband started to remodel. First thing first, the pantry. Everything had to come out. Wow, look at all that plastic! I’m talking about the tupperware, not Sir Husband.


After the pantry, Sir Husband did everything else. We removed the wallpaper, flooring, changed the counter top, and backsplash, but kept the cabinets. Sorry, I don’t have pictures of it all, but here is the backsplash. This was designed by the husband.

finished wall

A year or so later, Sir Husband made a Command Center for me.  It has been a big help.

Now it is a few years later and we have decided to redecorate using environmentally friendly items. We want to use natural materials that are not harmful, possibly last a very long time, and be pleasing to the eye. Paints made with organic materials, lead-free, with a splash of tea-tree oil, was a bit out of budget for us. We needed something we could use and was cheap. Eco-friendly materials and cheap do not go together, so we had to get creative.


It’s biodegradable with pleasing colors. There is even a splash of orange and red. Even the body is biodegradable, if you choose to leave it there. We decided it was a bit much for our taste and removed it.   Actually, I’ll have to do some research on the body.  With all the perservatives in foods these days, it may not be so biodegradable.

salad man 1

If you wish to have this eco-friendly look in your home this is what you should do.

  1. Decide on color choice from your dinner table. We picked the natural salad color.
  2. Carry full bowl of salad in one hand and a opened glass (not plastic please) of salad dressing in a netural color, like cream, in the other hand.
  3. Walk to the kitchen, and lift one leg up to kick the dog out of the kitchen garbage can.
  4. Miss dog, mentioned above, and fall flat on your back.
  5. Keep glass bowl and salad dressing in hands at all times.
  6. This creates a natural (we like the word natural) distribution of the salad.
  7. By keeping the dressing in the glass jar, lets you decide to add it later if you want to. We decided not to.
  8. The spouse surveys the area, then ask, “Can I get my camera?”.

There you have it. Easy, cheap, natural way to decorate your kitchen. If you decided to use this technique, please give us the credit for this idea and link back here. We would love to see your decorating photos.  They must be eco-friendly, of course.

16 responses to “Environmentally Friendly Decorating

  1. What a good sport him continuing to lay there as you snap pictures….giggle.

    • CC, he couldn’t get up for several minutes. This was a bad day for his body. Earlier he was pushing dd#3 on the swing and his wedding ring hooked onto the chain. Bent his ring into a point and cut his finger. He had to reshape the ring to get it off and thought about having it cut off. By the time he decorated the kitchen floor, his body had enough.

  2. Michelle,

    You’re hilarious! I love the look ~ might have to do it someday when we build our own eco-friendly house on a budget! 😉

    Love, Wardeh

  3. Poor Guy. He did a great job on the kitchen love the splashes of color;)

  4. Was going to comment on how much I loved your backsplash, but your new addition to the decor is much more interesting!!

  5. Hey, we had decorated like that too, except ours involved a bee and a sub sandwich. Very organic!

  6. Love the kitchen.

  7. Hey, he was just tossing the salad “one more time” before serving it. Poor guy. He’d already had one disaster for the day and then this.

    Maybe his injuries won’t hurt so bad if you tell him how much we all like his backsplash? tee hee!

  8. LOL I love eco design!

  9. Hilarious other than he got hurt!!! You had me going for a bit there that you were changing your beautiful kitchen.

    My new kitchen decor is from the juicer. Tiny pieces of pulp fly out the top of it every once in awhile!!!

    I do adore your backsplash. I am still waiting on mine that was to be put up 3 yrs ago. I keep putting it on my Christmas list but no one takes me serious.

  10. LOL, You are a lucky woman. The Bro is so versatile, intelligent, handy with tools, and looks good lying around the house.

  11. What I want to know is what happened to the salad dressing? How do we know that none of it was spilled since there is no evidence in photos?

    Inquiring minds of the far north are dieing to know!

  12. LOL! Poor hubby.

  13. I, too, want to know about the salad dressing.
    And where are the containers.

    This, indeed, was a “back”splash. lol!

    • Sir Husband was able to hang onto the glass salad dressing jar. Only the lid flew off and you can see that on the floor. I don’t know what happened to the containers. 🙂

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