The Bucket List

The Happy Housewife wants to know how we create a reading list, plus what is on that list.  I haven’t made our summer reading list yet, but will work on that next week.  I also have to make the reading list for U.S. geography study.  

I have mentioned before that I get my source for books from Read Aloud Handbook (I gave this book, plus some readers as a baby gift once.  It was highly appreciated. 🙂 ), Honey for A Child’s Heart (I’m wondering if I should get an updated version?) , Applie’s Friends, 1000 Good Books List (I have this whole thing printed out and in a folder), and Teen Lit Review (I use this the most for my older children).  Living Books for Science list will be used for next school year’s reading list.

Toni at The Happy Housewife, gave several other book list options.  Check out her site for more information. 

I have returned a lot of books, but also kept several from last week.

For Sir Son:

  • The Hunt for Red October – the DVD
  • The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy – the book
  • Napoleon in Egypt by Paul Strathern (about Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt, I haven’t read it)

For our nature journaling (I hope).  This is all because of this woman and her perfect children.

  • Discover nature at Sundown by Elizabeth P. Lawlor
  • Keeping a Naature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie
  • Nature Drawing by Clare Walker Leslie
  • How Nature Works by Readers’ Digest
  • Nature Crafts for Kids by Gwen Diehn
  • Draw 50 Creepy Crawlers by Lee J Ames
  • Nature Journaling by Clare Wlaker Leslie

For me (possibly for school):

  • Drawing with charcoal & Pastels
  • Light by Eyewitness Books
  • Guerrilla Learning by Grace Llewellyn
  • Change your Habits Change your Life (this is mine, not from library), by Danna Demetre
  • Power Juices by Penny Hunking
  • Power Juices by Penny Hunking – These two books are identical, but with different covers.  LOL  I didn’t know what I was requesting.
  • Super Smoothies by Mary Corpening Barber –  Yep, three books on smoothies.  I’m tired of banana and strawberry.  I need help.
  • Everything Digital Photography Book by Elizabeth T. Schouch
  • Retro Style by Marion Haslam
  • The Everything kids cookbook by Sandra k. Nissenberg
  • Hungry Girl by Lisa Lilline –  I’m always hungry.
  • Classic German Cookbook by Lesley Chamberlain
  • Staging your Comeback, A complete beatuy revival for women over 45.   by Christopher Hopkins.  I shouldn’t have gotten this one, because we know I am only 29. 😉
  • The New terrarium, by Tovah Martin

For the girls:

The girls have these somewhere, so I can’t give you the author’s right now.  They also have a bunch of books from last weeks trip to the library.

  • The Seven Silly Eaters  –  one of our favorites.  We always read it with Race Against Junk Food.  The junk food book is ours, but I’ll have to buy another copy, because our is falling apart and is in several differnt places in our school room.  Yes, the kids love that book.
  • Warriors
  • Two Sweet Valley books

2 responses to “The Bucket List

  1. They just reopened our library, added a new wing; I should go see what they did to it. My bucket would be unencumbered, there are only two books on my list of might-gets.

  2. Thanks for the book lists and helpful books.
    I requested the Read aloud book and want to check out Honey for a Teen’s heart. It isn’t at my library:(
    Thanks for you help:)

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