The Peas are going for their end-of-year evaluations.

Done with school

I finished adding the last of the items to the books, late last night.   I always wonder at this time, do I have enough in there, have I shown enough work throughout the year, is their reading list long enough…       So far it has always been enough.  

This year, I am wondering a little more than usual.  This year, we have lost two composition books, one for Math and one for English, and two Explode the Code books.    Not for one child, but for BOTH

I am sure they will turn up after the evaluations are done. 

I’ll let The Peas look over their portfolios, so they’ll know what they have done this year. I don’t want them to get in there and say, “We didn’t do that this year” or “Oh Mom, must have done that herself” or “uh?”. These are my biggest fears when it comes to evaluations. This year, I bribed them.

I bribed them with something every young girl cannot resist. If they do this evaluations with a good attitude and answer all questions even if it is “I don’t know”, we are all going to Starbucks! Lord knows I need one.

This has been a good year.  Here are some of the highlights.

One response to “Evaluations

  1. Looks impressive!
    The video is adorable:)
    Hope you find your books soon.
    Happy Mother’s Day

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