The Grill Master Gets A Grease Fire

For Mother’s Day, Sir Husband purchased a whole beef tenderloin. He knew I wanted something beefy.  It makes a great Mother’s Day dinner. 🙂

I sat down at the computer to make copies of photos for parents at the co-op the next day. Sir Husband had started the grill and I assumed was grilling the beefy dinner. Dd#1 walks by and sees some smoke coming out the sides of the grill. Every time Sir Husband turns on the grill, one of the children will say, “DAD! The grill is on fire!”, but it is nothing and the Dad’s response from another room is, “Ok”.

Sure enough, Dd#1 yells, “DAD! The grill is on fire!” and the response was, “Ok!”  

I can see from the corner of my eye that Dd#1 doesn’t continue on her way to wherever she was going.  She stands and stares. I peek around her to see what she was staring at.



Well, that got his attention and he came riding on his white horse running to safe his ladies. I; however, had enough brains to get the camera. I am a smart woman like that. I have my priorities in the the right order.  Things need to be shared and the  best way to share them is with pictures.

The next thing I yell is, “DID YOU BURN MY DINNER!”   Yep, my priorities are in good shape.


Thankfully, he hadn’t put the beefy goodness on yet.  Still have those priorities in the right order.


Everyone knows you can’t put out a grease fire with water, right? Sir Husband knows that too. The best way to put out a grease fire is to smother it. This fire was contained inside the grill, the best thing we  Sir Husband could do was to leave it there. The other thing we  Sir Husband could have done was cover it with sand or kitty litter. We didn’t have enough of either.

Look at that glow!

Sir Husband being a man, likes fire. He also likes water. To keep his ladies safe, he covers the gas tank and surrounding areas with water. Ooops, some water got down into the grease pan.


Oh wait, that wasn’t a ooops. Remember, Sir Husband, being a man, likes fire and water, …and well… his wife had a camera. What more needs to be said?

At the end of the exciting Mother’s Day event, the fire died down, the smoke subsided into our home, and Sir Husband ended up with a very nice clean grill.  Just in time to grill the beefy goodness, for the very hungry wife and the rest of the family. (if she actually shares)


This man knows how to grill.


He grills the beefy goodiness to perfection.



Thanks, Sir Husband, for a wonderful Mother’s Day. The Fireworks made it extra special. 🙂


14 responses to “The Grill Master Gets A Grease Fire

  1. LOL! We were much safer at our house, ordering out for Chinese food!

  2. Wow! That was some grease fire. I could step right through my monitor and snag one of those beefy hunks and turn t-rex on you. Yum! They do look good. Sounds like you had a good Mother’s Day. Not everyone got fireworks.

  3. Wow, dinner and a show! Glad you had a happy Mother’s Day. 😉

  4. A man will never stop being a boy.

  5. I could go for one of those steaks right now and it’s not even lunch time.
    Great fireworks show!

  6. I’m glad no one was hurt and that the grill still works so you could have your yummy mother’s day dinner 😀

  7. I meant to do that. Everything is fine. Remain calm.

  8. Gotta keep the priorities in order.
    Those do look yummy.

    In this family I am the only one who has had unwanted and unexpected fire. =( fortunately no one, or anything, was hurt but no one got photographic evidence either.

  9. I’m so glad that you kept your priorities in order and photographed the event for us. Yep, he does grill well.

  10. Your mom’s day steaks look delicious! =)

  11. moral of the story: fire makes beautiful grill marks.

  12. All right! I’m glad you had such an exciting mother’s day. 🙂

  13. Hi. . .I was just googling “grillmaster + fire” and stumbled on your link. My grillmaster just caught on fire for the 2nd time since I’ve had it (2 years). The fire looks like yours. . .all along the back, etc. Would love to know if you’ve had more fires with that grill. Mine is going to the curb. I don’t trust it.

    • The grill is not a grill master. I was calling my husband The Grillmaster. 🙂 It was caused by too much grease on the grill. It was easily put out. This was the only fire we have ever had. Sorry, I can’t help you with your problem.

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